Germany’s largest whiskey distillery is under construction at Dresden and authorities are planning to rake up production of beverage in all possible shapes. Plans being chalked are aiming 450.000 litres per year of the ‘Hellinger 42’ brand in the Saxon capital from September 2021. This marks humongous increase from the previous production anywhere else.

For the process steps of whisky mash production, the Dresdner Whisky Manufaktur UG decided to cooperate with Ziemann Holvrieka GmbH, Ludwigsburg. The dynamic mash filtration system Nessie in combination with the T-Rex was ordered as key technology.

After the plantation of factory, aim is to produce at least two brews of 100 hl each, per day. The framework supports around 20% wort concentration.

“This is optimal for the whisky production process and provides us with all the freedom we want”, says Björn Stegemeyer, who, with his company HanseBev, was commissioned with the planning and project design.

The wort concentration supported by the system provides the ample amount of nutrient rich yeast, responsible for faster attainment of the peak fermentation thereby high quality output can be availed.

Holger Wunsch, sales manager DACH and Eastern Europe at Ziemann Holvrieka GmbH, said, “We are pleased that we were able to open up a new and extremely interesting field of application through the outstanding advantages of our innovative solutions, especially because the initiative for the cooperation came from the customer. We are sure that this grist and lautering system will optimise the process flows for many whisky producers. Everyone who is active in this beverage segment should deal with this technology.”

The company is pleased to be able to rely on the mash filtration. “In Dresden, we are planning not only the largest, but also the most modern distillery in the country. Due to the energy efficiency, the higher yield and the first-class support, we deliberately decided in favour of this cooperation”, says co-initiator Thomas Michalski.


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