Christmas is celebrated as a feast where family gathers near a bonfire commemorating favourite moments and cherishing them on a table joined by rest of the family members. If these moments are complemented with a wine having a blend of European brewery and Indian native masala in a authentic proportion, this adds a major kick to the Christmas bash.

Zampa Vineyards has come up with fantastic concoction bottled mull wine, wholly made in India infused with an array of spices helping to keep you warm and cosy.
Wine is having hints of spices like black peppers, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, tulsi, cardamom, and lemon topped with star anise, parsley, fennel, cumin seeds, orange peel, and kapok buds. This is in accordance with the guidelines to drink traditional Indian Kadha during ongoing pandemic.

Zampa Vineyards is already a widely acclaimed native wine company quite popular among youth and adults and this latest and newest offering – One Tree Hill Mulled Wine is going to boost up the festive spirit already sparking slowly.

Vivek Chandramohan, CEO, said, “As a connoisseur, it is important to keep innovating and offering consumers a unique and different experience with every wine. As it is the first-ever homegrown mulled wine in India, we have added a touch of the Indian heritage taking notes from the age-old kadha recipe. The warmth of the wine fused with the natural benefits of Indian spices also works as a great antidote to the winter chills when consumed moderately. The interactive label is also designed with festive feels to create a connection with young wine drinkers.”

Consume this wine warm at about 40°-60°
Price and Availability:
City Price
Mumbai Rs. 650
New Delhi Rs. 650
Bengaluru Rs. 650

Grover Zampa is an Indian vineyard and wine producing company located in Doddaballapura, Karnataka. Grover Zampa was started in 1988 by Kanwal Grover who left his job in the space and defence procurement industries to start a winery. His interest in wine making started because of his frequent work related visits to France.


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