Yumy Bear Goods has announced the launch of its popular “Better For You” low-sugar marshmallows on the popular Choice Market. Choices was founded in December 1990, emphasizing that the store serves a wide range of diets including gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan with the tagline “It’s all about providing choice.”

Choices Market is a subsidiary of one of Canada’s largest corporations, operating more than 160 stores under the banners of Nesters Markets, Meinhardt Fine Foods and Buy-Low Foods. The umbrella company’s total size has more than 45,000 employees and over $10 billion in annual sales in 25 separate divisions.

“As consumer preferences shift to “Better for You” products, it is encouraging to see that retailers are including and substituting classic confectionery for our alternative. We are thrilled to be in such a well-known grocer as Choices Markets,” said Cassidy McCord, Director.

“Offering our products in this premiere retail chain provides a gateway for Yumy Bear and a stamp of approval of possible expansion into an additional 160 stores. Obtaining shelf space in other related stores is a goal we will be focusing heavily on in the coming months. The conglomerate is headquartered in B.C. and is the fifth-largest food retailer by grocery sales value in Canada,” States Erica Williams, CEO and Founder.

Yumy Bear is an affordable health-conscious low-sugar plant-based confectionery company based in Vancouver, British Columbia and it has developed a portfolio of healthier gelatine-free candies made from non-GMO ingredients with proprietary recipes. All of its products are free of gelatin, soy, gluten, nuts, dairy, eggs, sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners and genetically modified organisms.


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