Yummiano, Delhi-based snacks startup, notified that post-pandemic, the sales of its vacuum cooked snacks range have witnessed a tremendous plunge owing to the proclivity of modern-day customers towards guilt-free healthy eating. Among healthy chips variants, banana chips make more than 15% of the total sales; banana chips Maggi masala with authentic Maggi masala and tangy tomato flavours make up for more than 60% of the total banana chips sales.

The Yummiano snacks startup intends to come out with many more diverse chips flavours in the coming months.

Glancing at the triumph of the vacuum cooked chips of varied flavours, the company is in the process of experimenting with flavours such as Pani Puri (Gol Gappe), Khatta Meetha. Other flavours in banana chips include Salt & Pepper and Bhel Chaska with a tangy taste of Bhel Puri.

The snacks market in India is growing at an annual rate of 7 to 8%, and potato chips hold the majority stake. The traditional banana chips market is going through a sea change with a number of newer flavours being added to spice up the market.

Vipul Gambhir, business head, Yummiano stated- “We are making it chips appealing to the people as our focus is healthy snacking, an enduring habit of snack lovers in the country. Driven by this smart snacking culture coupled with the recent Covid-19 push, a market that is estimated to cross Rs 1 billion will only touch greater heights. We need to capture Indian consumers shifting to healthy snacks but who doesn’t want to compromise on taste. We have not only used nutritious ingredients but have worked on flavours and its authenticity to give consumers a tasty yet healthier bite of indulsnack.”

Yummiano envisages healthy snacking a habit. Its vision is to take Indian snacks to the worldwide platter. The brand’s goal is not only to enjoy monetary benefits, rather it aims to offer more salubrious snacking substitutes that do not contain harsh chemicals or preservatives, and at the same time also promoting healthy organics in day-to-day life.


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