Yummiano presents newer and healthier snacking option to hatch back your seats and binge watch your favourite shows without concerning about your health and wellbeing. These Munchies are solely made from nutritive ingredients, cereals and pulses including Razma, Moongdal, Ragi etc. Confering a person his health benefits like lower cholesterol, efficient digestion, lower blood sugar etc.

Yummiano chips also contains many cereals that have lot of antioxidants which act as immunity boosters and will prove to be your culmination of search if finding for a safer snack option.

The brand is catering to everyone, and even people at any age suffering with any lifestyle health issues who want to enjoy good snacks. Their large variety of products include:

• Rajma Chips (Available in Peri Peri, Masala and cheese & herbs flavours)
• Moong Dal Chips ( Available in Chilli tomato, Hing and Jeera,Garlic and Cream and onion flavours)
• Brown rice chips ( Available in Pizza, Jalapeno and Pudina flavours)
• Banana Chips ( Available in pepper, tomato flavours)
• Ragi Chips ( Available in Achari, Peri-Peri and Hing and Jeera flavours)
• Kathal Chips
• Corn Dots

Price range between Rs 70 toRs 200, the snacks are available in Delhi- In & Out Stores in Vasant Kunj, Shanti Path, Defence Colony, Moolchand, and Chandigarh- Approximate 20 Retail Stores including Harry and other super marts.

Yummiano envisions healthy snacking a habit. Our vision is to take Indian snacks to the global platter. Our mission is not merely making profits, rather we aim to provide healthier snacking alternatives without harsh chemicals or preservatives, and also promoting healthy organics day-to-day life.



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