Yili Group, one of the largest dairy companies in Asia, has received assistance and expertise from Sidel to install versatile Aseptic Lab filler, which is primarily designed for research and development purposes at Yili’s specially constructed facility. Its installation will empower the leading player in the regional market to introduce new products and modify existing bottle designs, thereby strengthening its renowned reputation for innovation.

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Sidel’s adaptable Aseptic Lab filler, customized to meet Yili’s specific requirements, is now operational, positioning Yili Group as a frontrunner in innovation and versatility. This cutting-edge equipment not only enables Yili to swiftly develop and launch products but also enhances their efficiency in doing so. By leveraging this platform, Yili gains a competitive edge in the market and establishes itself as a leader in pioneering advancements.

Designed to be compact in size, the flexible Aseptic Lab filler was created specifically for Yili Group to facilitate their research and experimentation with product designs. It empowers them to conduct test runs using a limited quantity of bottles that vary in shapes and sizes, allowing for thorough exploration and evaluation.

The line provided by Sidel is highly versatile, enabling Yili’s developers to fully customize every aspect of their test projects. This customization extends from the overall product to specific features like the neck, bottle format, and capping. Moreover, aside from accommodating various aseptic filling processes for both still and carbonated beverages, this lab line is capable of handling other filling processes like hot filling. The advantages offered by this equipment include immense flexibility, user-friendly operation, comprehensive maintenance, and efficient troubleshooting capabilities.

Yili Group, a champion of nutritious food and a staunch promoter of a healthy way of living, deeply adheres to its core belief that quality is as invaluable as life itself. Sidel has played a vital role in assisting Yili to meet the evolving demands for their products, thereby enabling them to uphold their prominent position in the dairy market and expand their presence in the realm of other non-alcoholic beverages.

The deployment of Sidel’s adaptable Aseptic Lab filler, along with a new EvoBLOW eHR featuring six cavities, was a result of combined expertise from both China and global teams. The assembly of the production line faced significant challenges due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nonetheless, Sidel and Yili worked in close collaboration to overcome these obstacles and ensure the successful execution of the project.

Sidel provided comprehensive installation and technical support by offering professional guidance through virtual calls, ensuring remote assistance. The on-site execution of the project was carried out by skilled engineers located in Greater China, bringing their expertise and experience to deliver a successful implementation.

Filippo Fu, Sidel Regional Sales Director China, said: “The official launch of the PET versatile Aseptic Lab filler in Yili’s Shanghai innovation centre represents the further deepening of the strategic partnership between Yili Group and Sidel, from equipment supplying to all-round cooperation in packaging development, product development, resource and knowledge sharing. In relying on Sidel’s new PET versatile Aseptic Lab filler, Yili will not only continue to consolidate and expand its leading position in PET dairy packaging but also lay a solid foundation for further expanding its popularity and influence in the beverage industry. Yili’s choice also proves the value and contribution of Sidel in food safety, packaging innovation and sustainable development.”

Both Sidel and Yili share a common commitment to innovation and sustainability. Through their ongoing strategic partnership, Sidel will provide support to Yili in maintaining their leadership in these areas. The recently installed versatile Aseptic Lab filler will serve as a valuable tool for Yili to develop sustainable designs and products. It will enable them to explore new possibilities in energy conservation, as well as reduce consumption and emissions. These breakthroughs can be shared with Sidel, allowing them to enhance their service offerings to customers and further strengthen their commitment to sustainability.


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