Setting new benchmarks in people practices, Yash Pakka Limited (a pioneer in sustainable packaging) has been featured in the top 50 among India’s Best Workplaces in Manufacturing – 2023. This comes right after the company’s GPTW certification for the second time consecutively. This recognition is given to the organizations that have created a high trust, high performance culture for their employees.

For getting facilitated with this certification in manufacturing, companies like Yash Pakka focus on a strong and rigorous approach of manufacturing by implementing the most advanced principles of management to ensure product quality and employee safety among other factors. Best workplaces for manufacturing are only awarded to brands that exhibit a high level of commitment to driving elements like safety, quality, and sustainability in the industry.

Great Place to Work is the global authority on workplace culture. Since 1992, they have surveyed more than 100 million employees worldwide and used those deep insights to define what makes a great workplace: trust. Their employee survey platform empowers leaders with the feedback, real-time reporting, and insights they need to make strategic people decisions. The Institute serves businesses, not-for-profit organizations and government agencies in more than 60 countries and has conducted pioneering research on the characteristics of great workplaces for over three decades.

Over the decades, Yash Pakka has consistently emphasized on improvement in systems and processes and achieved various manufacturing and quality certifications such as ISO 45001:2018 OHSI/1641, ISO 22000:2018 FSMS/1164, CIPET, US FDA 21 CFR 176:170, ISO 14001:2015, QMSI/1612, and ISO 9000:2015 QMSI/1613, Forest Stewardship Council’s (FSC), etc. Thus, the brand’s position is well-earned by matching the quality focus, safety standards and detail-oriented safety commitment made by the country’s industry-leading manufacturing multi-conglomerate players. The recognition also confirms Yash Pakka’s commitment to safety – one of the key aspects for manufacturing companies. With proof no less, Yash Pakka is one of country’s safest and most collaborative workplaces.

Recently Yash Pakka also won Great Place to Work Certification for the second time in a row from September 2022 to September 2023. The company proved its mettle as a favoured employer with a comprehensively and thoughtfully designed employee-centric culture.

To claim this award an organization needs to pass through two lenses of audits conducted by GPTW. The first lens is the Trust Index that’s a globally validated survey instrument aimed at measuring the quality of employee experience. This survey focuses on collecting anonymous employee feedback and carries a 75% weightage in the consideration for the Best Workplaces Lists. The second lens is called the Culture Audit. This proprietary tool of the GPTW institute evaluates the quality of people practices at an organization by getting a well-inspected understanding of the employee life cycle at an organization, accounting for the remaining 25% of the score.

Around 201 of the country’s top organizations were assessed and post extensive evaluation, 50 were selected. Those on the list were deemed to be the top performers, when it came to people practices and effectively incorporating employee feedback in operations, thus fostering camaraderie and trust.

Speaking on the win, Jagdeep Hira, Managing Director, Yash Pakka Limited, stated – “I am delighted as Yash Pakka gets the honour of being one of India’s Best Workplaces in Manufacturing 2023. Great Place to Work is one of the most coveted recognitions companies aim for; winning in this category is a testament to the unique culture and cohesive environment we have created over the decades. Since the very beginning, we wanted Yash Pakka to have a character of its own and not follow the usual cultural and team practices. It is certainly heartening to know that the efforts have paid off. The team members remain motivated and have a positive outlook on their day-to-day jobs. At the same time, inclusion in the prestigious list of Top 50 in India’s Best Workplaces in Manufacturing 2023 elevates the sense of pride in every individual. I want to extend my heartiest congratulations to the entire team!”

Company’s vision and principles that makes it a Great Place to work are highlighted below –

The employees at Yash Pakka are free to make independent decision where like for example in case there is ever a fault in the machinery, or the output quality is not adequate as per the operator in the manufacturing plan, he/she has the authority to take immediate appropriate action without first consulting the leader. No judgements are made in case of a wrong call. The work environment allows individuals to consistently learn and evolve.

Self-management along with dedication & accountability is another aspect to employee benefits at Yash Pakka. The team members are empowered to self-manage, which is critical to the effective functioning of an organization. In view of the same at Yash Pakka, every employee sets a target for themselves at the starting of the month. Apart from this the team is also taught to take charge for the outcomes of their projects which helps them to develop managerial skills and give them a better understanding of their work.

Cohesive work environment is also created by incentivizing the entire organization and not just certain roles such as production and sales. This allows employees in all functions, including HR, admin, etc. to be deeply involved in the day-to-day business of the company, and get rewarded as per sales & production figures. Not just this, irrespective of the function, each team member in Yash Pakka gets shares of the company after completing a fixed tenure.

Keeping these practices in mind, it can be clearly said that the recognition is a testament to the high standards set by the company. Yash Pakka stands on the cusp of growth and is eyeing global expansion in the coming years. The recognition by Great Place To Work establishes that Yash Pakka has reached a favorable condition to proceed with its expansion plans in every aspect.


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