Mars Petcare is unveiling the globally-acclaimed cat treat brand Temptations in the nation. The product is known as a jolly, enjoyable treating experience for cats and their owners across the globe. The product will be available from December of this year in over 180 cities.

The delicacies are nutritionally balanced, health-giving snacks that are crunchy from the outside enriched with deliciously-filled center. These delectable treats provide all the apt nutrients for cats in the required amounts. Each treat contains about two calories and it is suggested that owners feed up to 15 treats for every 4.5 kg of the cat’s body weight, but it is advised to consult a veterinarian to discuss about your pet’s weight management.

Ganesh Ramani, general manager, Mars Petcare India stated- “Apart from providing a balanced diet, cat treats also bolster the bond between cats and their owners. So, we are very thrilled to launch Temptations in India. These treats are salubrious with the goodness of proteins, minerals and vitamins and have only 2 calories per serving, so you can feed it to your cat without any worry. They are also a great way to reinforce your bond with your cat, which are curious by nature and will come rushing to you every time they hear the sound of the opening of the treat packet. We anticipate making the world a better place for all cats and their owners, and we know that pet amusement and nutrition are crucial to the pet parent’s selection of food or treats for them.”
Mars, Incorporated is an American multinational producer of confectionery, pet food, and other food products and a provider of animal care services, with an annual sale of US$33 billion in 2015. Mars Petcare is a foremost supplier of premium quality, science-backed nutrition and therapeutic health products for pets. Altogether, their range of pet food, care and treats is curated to meet the individual requirements of pet animals across the globe. Forbes ranked it as the 6th largest privately owned company in the US.


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