Burma Burma unveils its newest offering, ‘Make it Yourself Kits’, a range of Do It Yourselves (DIY) recipe kits to experience the fun of making your favourite Burmese dish at your home with your dear ones.

Food unifies people and when you prepare your favourite food with loved ones, you are moulding lifetime memories. Therefore, cooking food together, sharing and eating it, has always been an inseparable part of every community.

The actual ethos of togetherness is the memories that we make together. With the launch of ‘Make it Yourself’ kits we intend to offer you a way of facilitating these remarkable moments come to life with unparalleled delectable food.

Preparing an original Burmese experience is time taking and hence requires many hands. Pots of boiling stews are kept on top of the fire throughout the day in villages and towns. The salads have contains a number of ingredients which needs to be diced, chopped and sliced. Every member of the household is involved in or the other cooking activity. The process of cooking itself is a greatly enjoyable community activity similar to that of eating.

With the kits, we desired to capture this spirit of cooking an authentic Burmese cuisine just how the Burmese would do. To make the process less elaborated for you, all our kits have been packed with pre-measured ingredients along with step by step instructions. It’s like preparing ‘the real deal’ at the comfort of your home.

You can even personalize the flavours as per the preference of your taste buds. Everyone can cook their own choices and combinations suiting their palate. You can customize your dish by mixing a bit more of your preferred ingredient and less of that you are not much fond off, it’s all up to your liking. Our kits are created to assist you in cooking your favourite Burmese dishes at home, not having to worry a thing about finding any distinct ingredient or missing any significant cooking step.

BURMA BURMA has been established by childhood friends, Chirag Chhajer and Ankit Gupta.
The concept of this restaurant comes from Gupta’s Burmese roots. His maternal family was brought up in Myanmar. This is what inculcated the base for the early introduction of the intoxicating flavours of Burmese cuisine in him.

Gupta belongs to a family of hoteliers and restaurateurs, hence it only made sense for him to unify his mother’s flavourful recipes with his father’s confidence for business and install a powerful combination of the two, which resulted in BURMA BURMA.

The firm proudly brings to you the culture, real taste and cooking from Burma (Myanmar) thoughtfully and lovingly curated from our cherished family recipes. Burmese cuisine depicts a history motivated by surrounding countries and ancient customs. Coastal, forest, tropical, and mountainous diversities within Burma have added to the rich tastes and fragrances of its cuisine that can be experienced with each and every bite.

Basic ingredients used by them are gathered locally and are freshly prepared daily. They work in close association with local tea planters, manufacturers, exporters and retailers to come up with the authentic Burmese taste away from Burma and delight their patrons.

Thus, Burma Burma works with a vision go past just a restaurant and offer guests with a novel, wholesome and creative dine-in experience that interacts on numerous levels.


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