William Lawson’s scotch whisky has unveiled its 13-Year old Scotch whisky variant, exclusively in Telangana, which is one of the biggest scotch whisky markets in our country and one of the key markets for the brand. This launch marks the brand’s entry in the premium scotch segment. Presently, the variant is available in premium retail stores and on trade outlets.

True to its bold and unconventional highlander lineage, one of its kind this 13-year-old premium scotch, originating from Scotland with big, bolder blended scotch and is finished in bourbon cask to emphasize its taste. Each sip exemplifies richness and smoothness with a hint of spice. In compliance with the brand’s ‘No Rules’ persona that evades all whisky conventions to keep the drinking experience at the frontline, it can be served however you want.

Commenting upon the launch, Vijay Dev, consumer marketing lead- whiskies, Bacardi India stated- “William Lawson’s is a brand with teeth, one that challenges the stereotyped notions and conventions around scotch. Over the years, it has built robust brand equity and carved itself a niche in the nation, particularly in Telangana. Hence, we are ecstatically happy to launch William Lawson’s 13 in the state – one of our major markets in India, thus strengthening our foothold in the region. William Lawson’s 13 is a rich variant which firmly typifies the brand’s ‘No Rules’ philosophy and enables a scotch whisky experience free of the dram’s conventional norms and traditions. We are optimistic that William Lawson’s 13 year old variant will be equally accepted and loved by the consumers like our William Lawson’s Scotch whisky.”

With the fortunate unveiling of this variant, by the company has further boosted its Scotch whisky portfolio in India; and now has 13 varieties available across blended scotch & single malts scotch whiskies in the Indian market.


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