WHO is planning to update the repository of information on epidemic diseases under this the figures of the burden of foodborne diseases by 2025.

At a meeting of the WHO Executive Board in February in Switzerland, experts discussed food safety under “accelerating efforts on food safety” and recommended adoption of a resolution on “strengthening efforts on food safety.”

In the E-meet held in May, World health assembly, called on a resolution and asked WHO to make a database of the burden of diseases on foodborne diseases at all the national, regional and international levels.

FERG (Foodborne disease burden Epidemiology reference group) has been re-activated for the cause.  FERG will advise WHO to devise the framework, assess the data of diseases, identify technical mismanagements and glitches and to ping alert WHO for the upcoming disease indicators.

According to estimates published in 2015 from the FERG, foodborne infections caused 600 million illnesses and 420,000 deaths in 2010.  The report produced the first-ever global estimates on the burden of foodborne diseases.  It involved 40 advisory panel members that had eight meetings between 2006 and 2014.

WHOs FERG, in a data, reported that children are extensively impacted.  While the proportion of children of age group of 5 years constitutes 9% of the total population but burden of foodborne disease is around 40%.  Also, the piled burden of most diseases are there in African Continent.


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