WeighPack Systems’ WeightCheQ 0-250 features high precision electromagnetic force restoration (EMFR) weigh cell technology to achieve the highest tolerances possible while reading in three decimal points.

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The WeightCheQ 0-250 is engineered with a weight range of 0 – 250 grams and will weigh product accurately and consistently to +/- 0.01 gram. This tight tolerance level makes it the perfect choice for check weighing pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, precious metals, cannabis pre-rolls and more.

This high-performance weigher will automatically reject product that is outside of the user’s set tolerance level and deposit it into a convenient accumulation drawer for reuse. An easy-to-read visual operation interface notifies the user when product is within the targeted weight by illuminating a green light and then changing to a red light when the target weight is out of tolerance.

The 0-250 includes a large color touchscreen, does not require compressed air and easily integrates into existing packaging lines for an immediate improvement in any quality assurance process.

This compact, modular check weigher also features heavy-duty stainless steel frame construction, food-grade belts, upstream and downstream data links, 20-recipe storage and does not require changeover parts to move between product lines.

Since 1991, the company has designed, manufactured, integrated and serviced state-of-the-art packaging machines around the globe. From weighing and filling to bagging and wrapping or complete turnkey systems, WeighPack is passionate about helping customers be more successful. It is not a typical packaging manufacturer. It is a single-source provider, meaning the company provides customers with the peace of mind that comes from working with ONE manufacturer, ONE service department and ONE point of contact.

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As part of its continuing effort to innovate, WeighPack has opened New Product Unit (NPU) in July 2021 near its main headquarters in Montreal, Quebec. This facility is exclusively dedicated to engineering new automated packaging solutions through innovative research and development practices.


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