Alberta Premium Cask Strength has been chosen as ‘World Whisky of the Year’ by Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2021.

Manufactured and distilled in Calgary, Alberta, the spirit comprises 100 per cent prairie rye mash bills and Rocky Mountain water, converting in a liquid that is a true depiction of Canadian pride and craftsmanship. This award is the third to be received by Beam Suntory in the past seven years, with Booker’s Rye Whiskey (awarded in 2017) and Yamazaki Single Malt Sherry Cask (awarded in 2015) also reaching this best-in-class ranking.

Albert Baladi, president and CEO of Beam Suntory informed- “It is such an honour to be named World Whisky of the Year by Jim Murray and we are thrilled for our Alberta Distillers team. To receive this prestigious honour is an evidence of the team’s devotion and passion for crafting a premium spirit of the best quality, and comes as at a time of Canadian whisky resurgence around the globe.”

After being tasted along with more than 1,252 whiskies in this year’s judging, Murray pointed about Alberta Premium Cask Strength that- “A succulence to the oils, perfectly balanced by ulmo and manuka honeys pave way for the most chewable Canadian mouthful possibly ever and yet this is consistently salivating, from the very first nanosecond. Truly world-class whisky from what was considered the world’s most underrated distillery. How can something be so cosmic yet equally delicate? If any whisky lover is looking for huge but nearly perfectly balanced experience, then here you can go. And with rye at its most vehemently beautiful, this is something to truly worship.”

It was called the ‘Canadian Whisky of the Year’ in Jim Murray’s 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 Whisky Bibles. This year, it received Double Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

George Teichroeb, GM of Alberta Distillers Limited proclaimed- “On behalf of the entire Alberta Distillers team, we are pleased to have Alberta Premium Cask Strength chosen as ‘World Whisky of the Year’. We are extremely glad of our Alberta Distillers team for formulating such a unique and beautiful world-class whisky, and regularly pushing the boundaries of what Canadian whisky can be.”

This esteemed recognition from Whisky Bible is the most recent in a wave of latest industry honours for spirits within Beam Suntory’s broad portfolio of premium and high-quality whiskies which includes-

Auchentoshan American Oak: awarded Gold Medal in International Spirits Challenge
Canadian Club Classic 12 Year Old Whisky: honored Gold Medal in San Francisco World Spirits Competition
Hibiki 21: awarded Gold Medal in Tokyo Whisky & Spirits Competition
Jim Beam Black: accolade Gold Medal in International Spirits Challenge
Kilbeggan Single Grain: prized Gold Medal in International Spirits Challenge
Maker’s Mark Wood Finishing Series 2019 Limited Release (RC6): received Double Gold Medal in San Francisco World Spirits Competition
Yamazaki 12: won Gold Medal in Tokyo Whisky & Spirits Competition


Jim Murray’s WB is the world’s leading whisky guide, exemplifying thousands of detailed tasting notes. Published on an annual basis, each edition depicts reviews of the newest whisky releases and only one whisky is selected per year to hold the distinguished title of ‘World Whisky of the Year’.




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