WayCool Foods, a home-grown Agritech startup has announced capital investment of amount USD 5 million in Shri Siddhi Vinayak Agri company, a firm of expertise in potato supply chain.

Both WayCool and SV Agri would  interdigitatingly  use the expertise of procuring and processing along with delivery system to bolster potato supply chain in the country.

In recent past, the demand for potatoes has witnessed a substantial spike making it to the current data of 1.25 million tonnes of daily consumption. SV Agri has showcased a healthy rodomontade of supporting farmers from many localities through its procuring tie-up under umbrella initiative of Agrico, a Dutch cooperative.

Hemant Gaur, co-founder of SV Agri Processing, stated of the collaboration, “We have teamed with one of the greatest organisations in the sector to offer efficiencies.” We’re thrilled to be working with WayCool, a well-known Agri-supply chain company. WayCool’s technology and automation knowledge have advanced by leaps and bounds over the years, making it the largest Agri-commerce player of the company.

We see a strong demand for high-quality potatoes in southern India, and we see an opportunity to use our expertise to meet that demand through our partnership with WayCool. WayCool is known for pushing boundaries when it comes to innovative and tailored solutions to adapt their supply chain to Indian requirements, thus we envisage a beneficial cooperation for our cold storage and engineering solutions.”

Karthik Jayaraman, CEO and Co-Founder of WayCool Foods & Products Pvt Ltd, stated of the collaboration, “We are making a ‘Keiretsu’ in agri-commerce.” This investment is a start in the right direction. WayCool seeks to invest in like-minded businesses that bring complementary skills and build reciprocal synergies. SV Agri offers a comprehensive range of services to farmers, including high-quality seeds, advice services, best-in-class storage solutions, a nationwide distribution network, top-of-the-line technical solutions, and the ability to construct a wide range of processing equipment. We’ve been employing advanced deep tech to expand our ecosystem at WayCool, and we see a great fit in SV Agri, where we can combine our skill sets to improve our offering, reach, and deliver comprehensive options to our customers.”.


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