WayCool Foods, an agri-commerce startup, has launched its tech arm Censa, an enterprise that will make and sell a unified tech platform for the food economy.

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Censa, the latest creation from the house of WayCool Foods, offers the most comprehensive technology stack in the food ecosystem. With a 200-member tech team, it offers technology products as customizable SAAS solutions across six verticals, which cover the complete food and agri-supply chain: farm, processing, distribution, retailer, consumer and finance.

These solutions seek to address every problem statement in the supply chain, ranging from crop health protection, disease detection and management, real-time mandi price, food processing, demand-supply matching, logistics management, last-mile optimisation, finance management, customer deliveries, inventory management, purchase insights, digital lending, and much more.

Traditionally, the food economy has been largely fragmented and unorganized, reliant on manual methods and techniques. Packaged solutions offered have typically been focussed on specific aspects of the supply chain, or have been too generic and not addressing the specific issues faced by the food and agri-supply chain, such as perishability.

Censa aims to address this through the following:

  • A unified technology platform that brings complete, real-time visibility and controls across the supply chain, be it in terms of demand planning, growing, managing inventory, sales force automation, distribution and credit management.
  • Solutions that have been engineered by practitioners, and therefore are specifically customised to address the challenges faced by the food and agri sector.
  • Analytics and dashboards delivering actionable insights to help stakeholders (be they farmers, intermediaries, processors or distributors) efficiently govern their portion of the business

Karthik Jayaraman, Co-founder and Managing Director, WayCool Foods stated, “At WayCool, we have been continually working towards building an efficient and responsive supply chain that handles sensitive and perishable products. Some of the technology has reached a stage of maturity where the same can be independently used by other operators in the global food supply chain, to their benefit. Censa has been carved out to make a focussed effort towards this. Censa’s Saas solutions will also help us achieve our vision of having 1% of the world’s food move through our platform, thus enabling us to make a meaningful contribution to this age-old supply chain.”

Chinna Pardhasaradhy, Group CFO, added “Censa’s solutions have so far helped WayCool Foods manage and procure agricultural produce directly from 150,000 farmers and leading Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs) in India and seamlessly deliver to 1,00,000+ customers such as processors, traders, retailers, HoReCa brands and discerning institutional clients. Critical governance and control issues that are common in this supply chain, and have hitherto prevented players from scaling up, have been addressed in the platform, through multiple iterations, using WayCool’s own experience. We believe that we now have a robust suite of products that can solve the problems that multiple clients face in this sector.”

Avinash Kasinathan, CEO, Censa said, “The launch of Censa reiterates our commitment to transforming the global food ecosystem on the back of advanced tech while also benefiting all stakeholders simultaneously. We have accelerated this launch based on the positive feedback and queries received from over 100 potential global clients when we showcased our solutions at Expo 2020 and other global events.”


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