Walmart, the retail stalwart based at US is planning to expand its export from India by three times till the end of 2027. Company formulated new plan for all inclusive outsourcing targeting key areas of products produced in India particularly in fields of food, pharmaceuticals, consumables, health, and wellness, and general merchandise, along with apparel, homeware etc.

It is being emphasized by the Walmart, about the boost this tripled outsourcing will provide to the Micro, Medium and Small enterprises thriving in Indian mainland. Other steps in the focus are Walmart Vridhhi and Flipkart Samarth.

The shopping giant aims to rake up the annual Indian exports in upcoming FYs, aiding in Make in India Walmart will also boost local infrastructure along with catering highly for the jobs and opportunities. “It is also a way for Walmart to bring more high-quality, India-made goods to millions of customers all across the world”.
To accelerate its India exports, Walmart said it will strengthen the development of the supply chain ecosystem in India, both by boosting existing exporters and by expanding the nation’s pool of export-ready businesses.India is already one of Walmart’s top sourcing markets, with annual exports worth about $3 billion. It has sourced goods from India for more than 20 years, supporting local suppliers to help upgrade their operations and meet international standards, develop new product lines and build new capabilities in packaging, marketing, supply chain management, and more.


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