The 21st edition of AGRI INTEX had witnessed some amazing innovations this year and one such innovation that stands out is the VST 929DI EGT Tractor  from Indian Farm Equipment manufacturer VST Tillers Tractors Limited (VST).

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Equipped with a powerful three-cylinder 28HP DI Engine, The VST 929DI EGT Tractor offers the highest torque and power in its category, along with remarkable fuel efficiency. Being lightweight and compact, this tractor finds its suitability across a wide range of agricultural applications and can be used with sprayers, cultivators, rotavators, seed drills, including other attachments.

The 4 day event that had taken place at CODISSIA Trade Fair Complex, Coimbatore from 14th to 17th July, 2023 witnessed a grand footfall comprising of over 1,00,000 business as well as industry visitors, apart from more than 500 exhibitors and 1000 booths. AGRI INTEX 2023 introduces contemporary agriculture, horticulture, dairy farming and food processing technologies, along with their best practices.

This latest innovation offers Dual Acting Power Steering, superior styling and great ergonomics, thereby ensuring ease of operation and comfort for the farmers, making it suitable for extensive usage in sugarcane, maize, soybean, grapes, mango, areca nut, pomegranate and cotton fields.

The VST 929DI EGT Tractor features some of the advanced technologies, accompanied by remarkable productivity features of a high torque engine along with exceptional fuel efficiency, thereby setting a new standard in the industry. This product has the capacity to significantly improve productivity and earnings for the Indian farmers.

Further, one more announcement has been made for the commencement of bookings for yet another innovative product, being the VST 932 DI iTRAC Tractor, which comes packed with over 30 smart and farmer-friendly features, which is expected to bring new levels of efficiency and convenience to the Indian compact tractor market.

With the introduction of the VST 929DI EGT Tractor and the upcoming VST 932 DI iTRAC Tractor, the company reaffirms its commitment to supporting Indian farmers and contributing to the advancement of the agricultural sector.


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