Lil’ Goodness, the Bangalore-based children’s food and nutrition startup unveils a distinctive Vitamin B-12 Jaggery, as an instant and easy vitamin B-12 s in the principally vegetarian diet of Indian mass. This product is vegan, non-GMO, pesticide free and allergen free. One sachet of jaggery is sufficient enough to cater to the daily need of Vitamin B-12. It is a free-flowing powder with a shelf-life of 12 months with no added preservatives and is easy to carry for everyday use.

As per the National Family Health Survey-5, 74% of Indian citizens have insufficient Vitamin B-12. It is very crucial for the production of haemoglobin, has a correlation with diabetes and is also related to iron deficiency. Hence, including Vitamin B-12 in one’s daily diet is necessary.

The B-12 microencapsulated jaggery has the B-12 vitamin enmeshed in a thin layer of coating (microencapsulation) around Palmyra Jaggery particles to conserve its natural characteristics and nutrients. The uncommon micro-encapsulation process ensures a standardized amount of Vitamin B-12, with one pouch of the B-12 jaggery meeting 100% of the quotidian demand of Vitamin B-12. This jaggery can be a superb and salubrious alternative for sugar in any recipe such as cakes, coffee, halwa, porridge, smoothies, tea, and many more.

Harshavardhan, co-founder and CEO of Lil’ Goodness stated- “At Lil’ Goodness, we have faith in providing nutritious and creative food products that fulfill the nutritional requirements of millennial families, particularly kids. The B-12 jaggery is a consequence of our comprehensive research of nutritional deficits in the Indian families, and bridging those gaps through natural plant based sources. Jaggery, a common staple utilized in Indian households, just got a whole lot healthier.”

Pariksha Rao, co-founder and chief nutrition officer of Lil’ Goodness declared- “We are extremely delighted to launch Vitamin B-12 Jaggery which addresses one of the most ignored deficiencies among both children and adults. As Indians, our diet is predominantly vegetarian, and hunting a good source of B-12 is a challenge. Vitamin B-12 Jaggery will tackle that problem and also become your daily dose of Goodness. Our goal will always be to figure out simple and efficacious approaches in which our prevailing dietary habits can be fortified and this launch continues our journey.”

Vitamin B-12 assists in formation of red blood cells, enhances energy levels, athletic performance, and cognitive capacity and limits brain damage and depression, maintains eye health, ameliorates heart health by lowering down homocysteine levels and maintains healthy skin, hair and nails.

This is one of its kind jaggery where vitamin B-12 is micro-encapsulated in a thin layer of palmyra jaggery. One sachet of 5 gram offers 100% RDA of vitamin B-12. Palmyra jaggery is rich in essential minerals. As suggested by some studies, it possesses 60 times more minerals than white sugar. Owing to its low glycemic load, it is a good choice for diabetics too.

The brand has been a game-changer in the Indian kid’s nutrition market, delivering quirky and avant-garde food products for a health-conscious contemporary India. They introduced prebiotic chocolates which boost gut health and immunity. They have recently unveiled a range of products based on Teff, a super grain from Ethiopia which is gluten free, and contains proteins, iron and Vitamin C.


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