Vikas Multicorp, a chemical speciality firm has announced that it would undertake the food protection and personal hygiene sector of the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry with a venture of about Rs 100 crore in 2 years.
Vikas Multicorp stated-“The corporation has consented to a conclusive agreement for obtaining of a portfolio of trademarks consisting of renowned and deep-rooted national brands.”

Without revealing the attributes of the agreement, the corporation informed that it has procured trademarks of food wrapping and tissue paper brands – Homefoil, Chapati Wrap, Cleanwrap and Mistique.

Vikas Multicorp also announced that the corporation is planning to begin the procedures to pinpoint and obtain a subsisting patent for modeling these items.
“Meanwhile, substitute arrangements are being made to fabricate these items through third party contract manufacturing,” the company said.

The Corporation also mentioned that the demand for aluminum foil and tissue paper items in India is rapidly increasing and is anticipated to grow continuously taking into account the substantially low per capita utilization at present.

“Increasing requirements of food packaging and urbanization would be the key factors for sustaining the growing demand with the evolving lifestyle. Also, certain changes in consumer behavior are expected post COVID-19 which would impetus the pace further,” the corporation mentioned.


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