Blendhub is recognized as the first service platform for the food industry, expertized in powder-based ingredients and food products Vicente Palanca Orts, ex-VP, operations at Blendhub has been chosen as the new VP of sales, focussing at strengthening the company’s expansion and food-as-a-service business model.

Holding a degree in pharmacy from the University of Valencia and a doctorate in food science and technology from the Autonomous University of Madrid, Palanca has an extended career in the food industry. He was director of R&D and quality at Yoplait Spain, director of operations at Senoble and head of R&D and production at Embutidos Frial. In 2013, he joined Premium Ingredients, the seed of what is now Blendhub, where he was designated as the director for Latin America for six years and, since 2019, he was serving as the VP of operations at Blendhub.

As new VP of sales, his functions comprise planning, designing and controlling production at the various hubs of the firm, as well as marketing the pay-per-use services that it provides as a service and technology platform to assist any food company produce anywhere across the globe.

The company targets its strategy on framing a network of multilocalised production centres nearer to raw materials and final consumers, which permits to minimize production costs by 30%, as well as to make a more quick and effective response to specific requirements of clients and markets.

The company, having its roots in Murcia (Spain), presently has 7 production hubs across Spain, India, Mexico, Colombia and Thailand and plans to broaden its network with the institution of 12 new production centres by 2023 and a franchise network to hasten the model worldwide.


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