Vestige Marketing Private Limited, the only Indian-origin direct selling company listed among world’s top 30 by DSN Global 100, with an immense portfolio in health, wellness, and hygiene products, unveiled Zeta Premium Spice Tea, a special tea enriched with immunity-boosting herbs and spices to reinforce its immunity portfolio.

It is specially blended with eight Indian herbs as prescribed and outlined by the Ministry of AYUSH. Those 8 ingredients include Ashwagandha, Dalchini, Haldi, Kalimirch, Mulethi, Munakka, Shunthi, and Tulsi. These herbs have been proven to bolster immunity and improve the overall well-being since eternity. The product has been introduced to cater to the tremendously rising demand for immunity-boosting products, prompted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Infused with these powerful herbs and spices, the tea comes with the promise of good taste along with good health.

Gautam Bali, MD, Vestige Marketing Private Limited stated- “During the global health crisis, the Indian heritage and benefits of Ayurveda and related spices have been well recognized and acknowledged world over. Our health and wellness portfolio has focused on and promoted these benefits since the company’s inception, and we are elated to announce the launch of our new product Zeta Premium Spice Tea. It is a perfect blend of healthy spices and taste that helps to strengthen immunity.”

The Indian immunity booster packaged product market is expected to touch the $347 million mark by 2026 due to the growing awareness and focus on preventive healthcare. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has further augmented this market as the need for these products is surging up rapidly. As a company devoted towards health and overall wellness, it is targeting to tap this growth opportunity by offering customers with products that are efficacious and at the same time prove to be an excellent value for money.

Established in 2004, Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd. is now becoming a forefront direct selling company dealing in world-class wellness products. Vestige is continuously growing at a remarkable rate every year. Its extraordinary growth rate is the manifestation of the quality of the products, the marketing plan and the management espoused by the company that have enabled it to set up such a rewarding and sustainable system.

With more than 3000 online and offline outlets across India, multiple international offices and several distributor centers, Vestige has been building an expansive network of distributors, which is constantly burgeoning every year.

Vestige’s belief is to empower its members with the chance to lead their lives on their own terms. With the motto of spreading “WELL-TH”, i.e., spreading wealth through wellness, Vestige has continued to improve the lives of all those who are its part and those who believe in its healthcare and wellness products.


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