Litehouse Inc. has recently bought Veggiecraft Farms, a manufacturer of plant-based pasta, in a deal notified on Sept. 10.  However, terms of agreement were not revealed.

Veggiecraft Farms deals in rice, pasta, and microwaveable cupped-noodle, all prepared with cauliflower, lentils and pea flour.  This was the most recent in a series of accessions and product rollouts for Litehouse, which asserts to be the top U.S. refrigerated salad dressing brand.  The company unveiled Green Garden Freeze Dried Herbs in the spice aisle and acquired Sky Valley and Organicville brands, providing shelf-stable sauces and condiments in center-store.

“The acquisition of Veggiecraft Farms is the most-recent development in our long-haul strategy to aim on category expansion and provide the consumers convenient, memorable home cooking experiences,” Kelly Prior, CEO and president of Litehouse Inc. informed.

Litehouse Inc. was established in the Hope, Idaho restaurant of the Hawkins family about more than 50 years ago.  Since then, it has gradually transformed into a leading brand in refrigerated salad dressings, herbs, dips, sauces, and cheese.  It manufactures these delicious products at its three facilities based at Utah, Michigan, and Idaho in the US.

Veggiecraft Farms is a Los-Angeles, California based company known for manufacturing delicious and nutritious food staple to ingredient-conscious diets.  Making use of simple gluten-free, plant-based ingredients Veggiecraft Farms manufactures pasta, spaghetti and penne which is crafted in Italy.  It believes that ‘nutrition should be accessible not exclusive, easy not complicated, and enjoyable not obsessive.”


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