VegEase is an iconic brand in the food segment and it’s owned by Egreen Farms Pvt Ltd. It is a farm-fresh fruits and vegetable delivery service that offers Online and Ve-Cart.

VegEase App helps to order farm-fresh fruits and vegetables from local farms and have them delivered right to your door. VegEase uses advanced supply logistics to send customized Ve-Carts containing more than 100 SKUs at the customer’s chosen delivery time slot.

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VegEase is currently under operation in Delhi NCR and the company has been making aggressive expansion plans to further increase its reach and tap the market potential in Pan India. The company has been planning to increase the number of delivery services across India by 2025 – according to the press release.

The company is getting many franchise inquiries from across India. The company has decided to launch its Franchise Business Model across India. With a retail space requirement of between 300-500 square ft.

Commenting on the expansion plans and franchise business model, Mr. Mayank Chaurasia, Founder & Director, Egreen Farms Pvt. Ltd., said, “The company is getting numerous franchise inquiries from those who are hearing about VesEase brand. We are excited to announce that we are now offering the VegEase franchise business model across India. Together will take VegEase to new heights and increase its brand image.”

Mr. Arpit Katta, Chief Financial Officer & Spokesperson of Egreen Farms Pvt. Ltd., expressed, “We at VegEase have committed to bring the same quality standards of products supply to our franchisee as we do for our customers, and that has been reflected in our brand image. We believe that Franchise Business Model is going to be a great value proposition for our brand and our business partners.”

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Vegease is an online farm-fresh fruits and vegetable delivery service platform. It is the ideal online delivery experience for anyone who wants to touch, feel, and choose farm-fresh fruits and vegetables at the time of purchase. The company also reduces pollution by using CNG & electrical vehicles like Ve-Cart which brings a mini-Sabji-Mandi to Consumer’s doorstep & they can handpick farm-fresh fruits & vegetables in a more convenient way.


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