Urban Platter, a one-stop-shop for all gourmet and culinary requirements across every cuisine and category provides consumers with convenient choices for any and every culinary need along with the luxury of a delightful shopping experience on their website.

What was first started 6 years ago as an E-commerce venture has currently dominated the space having a wide retail presence in over 700 plus touch points throughout India. The platform has taken a bold step into creating their first ever store at Bandra, Mumbai.

Chirag Kenia, Co-Founder, Urban Platter, stated – “The reason we are launching a retail store is that we want to provide the full experience of a physical store and allow people to try and taste our products – to give them the touch and feel aspect. While we launched as an e-commerce portal predominantly, we realized that providing people with all their needs under one roof is also an opportunity we want to provide to gourmet culinary food lovers, hence the idea of opening a store.”

Bandra is expected to witness the first one-of-its-kind store, wherein, 1000 culinary products under one roof fall under a single brand. Each and every product is completely vegan and more than anything – it will provide you with a full culinary experience.

Further, Chirag Kenia added – “Since a large chunk of the target audience resides in or shops in Bandra which is also the heart of the city, it is definitely the best place to get an idea of customer requirements. We will be showcasing about 900 to 1000 products and we expect people to come, try our products and the goal is to build a strong brand presence and understand our consumer behaviour better.”


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