UPM Raflatac has secured global approvals for its OptiCut Direct Thermal (DT) Linerless RL50 on Star Micronics mC-Label3 printers.

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Extensive testing and approval processes have confirmed the exceptional efficiency and performance of the mC-Label3 printers when paired with OptiCut label materials. This synergy brings tangible benefits to quick service and fast casual kitchens, as well as other types of businesses in the hospitality sector.

“We are committed to tailoring our label materials to their intended end-use environments. The Linerless OptiCut RL50, designed for the fast-paced hospitality kitchen, eliminates concerns related to adhesive build-up and printer dust. These label materials are engineered to securely re-adhere as needed, enhancing order accuracy for consumers and streamlining kitchen operations,” states Marko Tiainen, Global Manager for New and Emerging Technologies at UPM Raflatac.

“Star Micronics mC-Label3 linerless printers not only meet the evolving market demands for efficient label printing in the hospitality environment but also underscore our commitment to innovation and sustainability. The collaborative efforts have yielded excellent test results, revealing a seamless fit and synergy between our mC-Label3 printer technology and UPM Raflatac’s OptiCut label materials. This alignment offers significant gains in operational efficiency and meets the specific needs of quick-service restaurants,” states Simon Martin, Director & General Manager, Star Micronics EMEA.

UPM Raflatac’s linerless range is certified as a CarbonNeutral product for the entire life cycle. While the company continues to reduce its carbon footprint, it also compensates for the unavoidable product-related GHG emissions until the product’s end-of-life. Within UPM Raflatac’s product range, customers can discover a comprehensive selection of solutions tailored for all major linerless labelling environments.


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