Unibic Foods, Market leader in FMCG Industry has recently registered new changes in its Executive Board, by roping in Naveen Pandey as Chief Executive officer of the Company.

Naveen Pandey is not a new name in FMCG, he already possess a fair two decades of Management experience. He is an Alumnus of IIM Indore. Previous assignments of the personality includes Management and Team leading at Marico’s New Food business. Under his pivotal role company put forth products such as Immuniveda, Saffola MealMaker and Saffola Honey etc.

Commenting on the development, Sandeep Reddy, chairman of board of directors, Unibic, said, “We believe that the experience Naveen brings to the table would bolster Unibic’s already impressive track record of delivering innovative products and help drive the company into a linear growth trajectory. His extensive background in FMCG should help Unibic gain further ground in the dynamic Indian foods industry and drive the organisation towards higher profitability. He will contribute to develop strategic alliances and expand Unibic’s presence in India and in international markets.”

Speaking on the occasion, Naveen Pandey said, “I am very excited to have joined the Unibic team. With a prolific number of unique and successful chapters, Unibic has carved a niche for itself while staying away from the beaten path, something that I strongly believe in. Given the dynamic of the foods business industry, Unibic’s modus operandi and strategy is sure to attract new consumers, strengthen the existing customer base and dial up business growth.”

Unibic is a Company of Global Repute, footprints in several nations Penetrating different product segments is companies major accomplishment in recent past. Company was the first in the sector to foray into wired cookies business starting at humongous Bengaluru facility, built with all the modern facilities to manufacture tasty treats for its endearing patrons.


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