UNFI or United Natural Foods Inc. has announced the expansion of its Wild Harvest private label organic produce line with more than 40 new offerings available nationwide. Since its 2022 launch, the Wild Harvest organic produce line has enjoyed significant growth as consumers have come to rely on the brand for their eating occasions.

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Wild Harvest’s expanded organic offerings consist of best-selling items such as bagged apples, russet and sweet potatoes, oranges, mangoes, limes, avocados, tomatoes, broccoli, cabbage, and iceberg and romaine lettuces. All new items will be launched with Wild Harvest’s distinct purple branding and a prominent USDA Organic Certified label. The bold color scheme and easily recognizable branding helps both consumers and store associates distinguish which products are organic, while offering the trust of the Wild Harvest label.

“Reaction to the Wild Harvest organic produce rollout has been exceptionally positive and an excellent case study for how offering the right selection of products can help our customers grow and thrive,” said Dorn Wenninger, senior vice president of produce at UNFI. “We are fanatical about freshness and continue to utilize both technology and a talented team to better serve our customers and their shoppers, delivering quality produce with the confidence that comes with the Wild Harvest label.”

As private-label offerings become more sought after by consumers, UNFI is leveraging its scale, supply chain, and data capabilities to help both its conventional and natural customers to compete favorably, delivering fresh Wild Harvest organic produce at a competitive price point. According to Nielsen, approximately 12 percent of all fresh produce sales in the United States is organic, and UNFI helps its customers meet or exceed that national average by curating a best-selling catalog of organic produce that shoppers recognize and trust. Wild Harvest works directly with growers and producers across North America, packing produce at the source to mitigate the cost premium associated with organics.

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“The new Wild Harvest organic produce packaging features eye popping, bold colors and imagery that sets itself apart on the shelf versus national brands. But what really sets it apart is what’s inside, a great quality product that is good for you,” said David Siegel, CEO of America’s Food Basket.


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