Amidst the outbreak companies are willing more to safeguard their employees and ensuring that ambience at the workplace could be disease free. Many firms are working regarding the issue but a major step taken by a food processing company “Tyson Foods” which has installed health care stops are their workplaces.

On September 3, Tyson Foods announced that it will soon install the health care centres at their processing units and other workplaces to ensure COVID-19 and other disease free environment.

In a first, the seven clinics will be installed with the help of “Marathon Health” which is well known for its on-site delivery of health services. It will provide prophylactic services in the beginning consisting screening facilities and initial health supports.

The installations will also help in screening for other diseases like hypertension, diabetes and will work to declare an employee fit for the work during that day.

“One of the things that we found is our team members would come to the nursing staff at the facility, but not with an occupational health issue,” Tom Brower, Tyson’s senior vice president of health and safety, told Forbes. They were seeking help with larger, overall health issues, Brower said.

New clinics are mostly aimed to provide good work ambience at workplaces and providing disease free and safer food to the consumers amid COVID-19.


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