Nestlé has launched two new flavours to its KitKat two-finger range introducing the delicious honeycomb and chocolate hazelnut spread.

As per to Nestlé, sales of two-finger KitKats in the UK have spiked up by more than 20% till now in this year.

The newly launched KitKat two-finger honeycomb bar and chocolate hazelnut spread bar will take lace of the brand’s existing cookies and cream, and lemon drizzle variants.

“We’ve experienced great demand for our two-finger KitKats in 2020 and we believe that consumers will surely love to try new flavours from the brand and enjoy the delicacies. We are of the viewpoint our honeycomb and chocolate hazelnut spread varieties actually hit the spot, and we’re confident that they’ll become famous new additions to the range,” stated Amy Bennett-Inge, assistant brand manager for KitKat.

KitKat honeycomb will be available in multipacks from the end of October at Sainsbury’s and in Asda as well as in Iceland and B&M from 9th November.

Simultaneously, KitKat chocolate hazelnut spread will be available for purchase in multipacks containing nine bars each in Asda from 9th November with more retail stores to follow.

During the beginning of this year, Nestlé introduced KitKat Gold, a caramel-flavoured chocolate bar, in the UK.

On the other hand, the company’s KitKat brand also cut partnership with Fairtrade for the gathering of its cocoa and sugar, rather choosing farms under its own cocoa sustainability programme, Cocoa Plan.


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