Tupperware India has notified its all new assimilation of new varieties for this gifting season. Soon after the onset of COVID-19 outbreak, the company unveiled its own digital store. Customers can accomplish their unique gifting list with these graceful and utilitarian gifting choices.
The list below discusses about the available gift options released by the brand-

1.    Desk Mugs- What’s a can be a more ideal gift than desk mugs in the new remote normal? Using this all new desk mugs, we can enjoy our favourite drink for longer durations as they do not only maintain the temperature but also keep its content fresh. The product costs Rs 1,500 each and 3,000 for set of 2.
2.    Duo Tup Steel Flask – This is an ideal gift option for those persons who are hitched on to their preferred beverage. People can now carry their fuel with them wherever they go in this light, beautiful and stylish Duo Tup flask. This double-walled steel thermal flask is suitable for both hot as well as cold beverages and its high insulating features make the beverage remain hot or cold for a longer period. The cost of this product has been fixed at Rs 2.000.

3.    Gatsby Set -This classy product comes with a one-touch seal along with an easy-peel back mechanism. It is composed of a safe, eco-friendly material that can be utilized to store food in open shelves and countertops. It assures the prevention of moisture and maintains the freshness and crunchiness of food for a longer time. For a set of two, the price of this product is Rs 1,100.

4.    Handy Plates -These are ideal to serve while rejoicing get-togethers, parties or celebrations. This is a delightful range comprehensively created for such special occasions. Whether you want to serve an ideal plate of pasta or any other extravagant item on the terrace, rooftops, or outdoors on any cozy or formal event, these set of plates seem impressively handy. A set of four plates can be bought at Rs 640.
5.    One-touch Canister – These vibrant sets of airtight containers are ideal for gifting dry fruits and other snackable items since it ensures the maintenance of food quality. The starting price for this product is Rs 1,200.

6.    Urban Lunch Set – It has been well said that lunch hour is the finest hour of the day. So stop whatever you are doing and lunch in a dignified manner with Urban Lunch Set. This gracefully crafted gift set comprises of an airtight Keep Tab Small container, and 2 Crystal Mini Wave containers which are suitable for carrying or storing wet food items. The classy, insulated Urban bag is commodious enough to hold these containers and have some additional space for carrying fruit or crisps. One can buy this product for Rs 1,120.


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