TTSF Cloud one, a multi-brand cloud kitchen services co-founded by the creators of India’s renowned Milkshake QSR chain and The Thick Shake Factory has set its motive to invest around 25-30 crore over next couple of years expanding through franchised license stores and kitchen. Company is also in brand deal talks with Tiger Shroff marking the first in-house attempt for an Indian – Foodtech firm.

I am very excited to be partnering with these young entrepreneurs with the vision to change the future of food service in India and to be creating a healthy food brand which is extremely close to my heart,” said Tiger Shroff.

Yeshwanth Nag, co-founder – TTSF Cloud One, said, ‘’We see a very large opportunity in Cloud Kitchens and with Prowl Foods, we aim to become one of India’s foremost healthy food brands using an Internet First approach model. We believe in the next few years, India’s biggest food and beverage companies will be Internet First, without many physical retail stores and we aim to be one of them. Tiger has a huge audience and fan bases that are fitness enthusiasts and want to follow him. Our brand will provide that opportunity for his fans.”

Ashwin, co-founder, TTSF Cloud One, said, “We are working very hard to build a highly scalable brand which can be replicated across multiple centers along with providing consistency and reliability and hygiene. We shall be a technology first company and are even experimenting with the usage of Robotics in making food and delivering a better experience to our customers. We intend to make the best of our experience in building the new range of ready-to- eat fitness meals with high focus on product quality, Robust training and Audit processes for making a lovable brand focusing even more on safety and hygiene.”

Company, with this initiative want to disrupt the competition with its closest rival Rebel foods which had recently been undergone a scaling up excercise.

Furthermore, the company is about to launch super healthy food items and options, having Tiger Shroff and his ideas about ‘Eat Healthy, everyday’ is now converting as company’s motto to gel well in market.

Ready to eat fitness meals include a collection of Daily balanced multi cuisine Meal boxes, Gourmet Rolls and Wraps, Khichdi, Salads and Gluten Free desserts.


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