TriSon Farms International Inc. is the most recent customer to carry up the mantle and join iTrade’s iTracefresh program. iTrade, being the major worldwide provider for the food and beverage industry, is initiating efforts to set up the world’s safest and most comprehensive globe-wide food supply chain.
To emphasize its commitment to guarantee the safety of food, it has withdrawn all the obstacles to adoption, proffering the iTraceFresh traceability suite to any supplier’s or buyer’s entire supplier portfolio for the first year-without charging a single penny.
Josh Mastronardi, COO at TriSon Farms International Inc. declared-“We were looking for a simple, cost-effective traceability solution when we heard about iTrade’s offer. Its ease of use in the field is a big plus for us, and being able to effectively test it out for a year free-of-charge really reduced the risk for us. We expect it will complement, instead of disrupt, our daily operations, and this will be huge for us as we expand our business and attract new customers.”
Besides safeguarding a supplier’s brands during recalls and permitting critical downstream supply chain visibility, iTrade’s traceability solutions also assist in expanding its customers’ business.
Data from an annual pilot with a major industry buyer revealed that suppliers adopting iTrade traceability could increase their trading volumes by an average of 55% in just 12 months. In addition, a specimen of only four growers added a joint $10 million in revenue over this 1 year period.
Rhonda Bassett-Spiers, CEO of iTrade Network stated- “The world would be a better place if everyone knew where their food came from.” He also added- “Whether you’re a small, family farm or a large, enterprise operation, we want to make food safety and traceability accessible to everyone. We are glad to have TriSon Farms International Inc. join us in to create the world’s safest food supply chain and expand their business in the process.”
TriSon Farms International Inc. personifies three grandsons of a third generation of farmers, with a family custom of quality, integrity, innovation and a love of food. With a small vegetable farm and a quarter acre glass greenhouse, the farm was established in 1962 and quickly began augmenting. Land size kept on increasing and variety of new products kept on adding over the years. TriSon Farms International Inc. has not only grown in size but also in its commitment to development and research. The organization is pleased to grow as well as pack and dispense the produce, because that involves staying close to the product to ensure quality as it directly reaches the hands of customers from theirs.
Suppliers interested in taking up iTrade’s iTracefresh traceability suite and enjoying the first year for free, should visit . The persuasive package includes two iTrade’s products: its Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) case labeling solution, and its Palletized Advanced Ship Notice (ASN) solution, Transit. Eligible suppliers may also be provided the free field kit hardware package that includes a printer, two mobile devices, and 10,000 labels to assist them get started on iTracefresh.


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