Having taken the plunge once again in digital printing, Trigon Digipack would start utilizing the HP Indigo 25K in order to meet the rising flexible packaging demand. This marks its first customer installation of the flagship HP Indigo 25K Digital Press throughout Asia. With Trigon Digipack being one of the leading print and packaging solutions provider having an ‘all-digital’ set-up, it has been able to address the needs of customers right across Middle East, India, South East Asia and Europe. 

The progressive HP Indigo 25K Digital Press installation having a printing width of 30-inches will permit the company to start venturing onto customized pouch, shrink sleeves and IML printing on a bigger scale. With the HP Indigo 25K installation featuring an inline slitting option, it would permit Trigon Digipack to print label media covering up to a width of 30-inches, apart from slitting it in line to smaller rolls for further finishing. 

Living in a world where there is a huge demand for more personalized solutions from customers, the HP Indigo 25K Digital Press has been able to offer the agility that is required to fulfill the rapidly growing needs of customers covering all kinds of packaging requirements. Since, the HP Indigo technology is being used by Trigon, the company would be able to support the various brand owners by offering innovative solutions in packaging, while at the same time providing them with the necessary support all through the product development process, starting from prototype to marketing test samples to production and shelf. Trigon and HP have been long-standing partners, with Trigon having invested in the HP Indigo 6900 press in 2018.

Anil Namugade, Managing Director of Trigon Digipack Private Limited stated as follows – “We have been servicing our customers with print and packaging solutions since 2007. With the industry  evolving and growing exponentially, we required a solution to add value to our business and support the increasing demand for small and medium quantity packaging runs with NO MOQ.

Today, the package is the messenger, the brand and storefront, all integrated into one. With our new HP Indigo 25K, we are ready to bring the digital transformation power to label and flexible packaging. Furthermore, we are on a mission to transform our business, achieving the most exceptional standard of print quality, sustainability and quick service experience to our customers and the installation of the HP Indigo 25K is a crucial step in that journey.”

Arjun Appadurai, Country Manager, HP Indigo, HP India, said, “India is fast becoming a hub for startups & small brands, especially in the Food and Beverage sector. Brands and businesses must have high-quality packaging for their products to be placed on a shelf for visibility. A high-quality printed package increases the brand value and gains trust from the consumers. 

Due to the nature of digital printing, there is no MOQ concept with HP Indigo. Also, plates or cylinders are not required to be made, so along with HP Indigo, Trigon can support such brands to launch their product in the market faster, digitally printed pouches can be turned around in as low as 5-7 days from the approval of artwork to physical pouches. With the first HP Indigo 25K installation in the region, Trigon Digipack will be able to help its customers to get to market faster with their innovative services and products.”

HP is committed to deliver safety as far as print packaging is concerned which covers an extensive range of applications, that includes food packaging as well as pharma. HP Indigo inks has been meeting FDA, EU as well as Swiss packaging regulations, when it comes to well-defined conditions of use and are also suited for indirect contact applications.

HP Indigo inks do not consist of any UV curing substances, including any photoinitiators and they meet the industry-accepted definition of low migration inks. In addition to printing on standard flexible packaging media, HP Indigo would also be able to print both on recyclable as well as compostable media from partner media vendors.    


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