Shri Arjun Munda, Union Tribal Affairs minister digitally launched the tertiary processing units of  “Trifood Project” of TRIFED, Ministry of Tribal Affairs in in Raigad (Maharashtra) and Jagdalpur (Chhattisgarh). Smt. Renuka Singh, Minister of State, Maharashtra; Shri Ramesh Chand Meena, Chairman of TRIFED; Shri K.C. Padvi, Minister of Tribal Affairs; and Shri Pravir Krishna, Managing Director, TRIFED were present during the e-inaugural ceremony. This e-event was also attended by the senior office-bearers from the ministries and dignitaries from both the states.
Being implemented by TRIFED, Ministry of Tribal Affairs in collaboration with Ministry of Food Processing (MoFPI), TRIFOOD aims to accelerate the income of tribal people by value addition to and better application of the Minor Forest Produces (MFPs) gathered by the tribal forest gatherers. MFP processing units will be set up, as an initiative to achieve this goal.
The Maharashtra unit located in Raigad will be used for value adding values to mahua, amla, custard apple and jamun and will manufacture mahua drink, amla juice, candy, jamun juice and custard apple pulp. The Jagdalpur centre of Chhattisgarh, being a multi-commodity unit will be used for the processing of commodities like mahua, amla, honey, cashew, tamarind, ginger, garlic and other fruits and vegetables. Mahua drink, amla juice, candy, pure honey, ginger-garlic paste and fruit and vegetable pulp would be processed from these ingredients.
Shri Arjun Munda congrutulated all those who were involved in this project and appreciated their efforts in resuscitating the weakening economic conditions of the tribal food gatherers. Expressing his views on holistic development, he talked about the features of the biodiversity of tribal life and also discussed that how these should be conserved and improved. He said that this project will be proven helpful in advancing tribal entrepreneurship. He applaused TRIFED’s efforts especially in this project, which not only guarantees that this bio-diversity is sustained but also shapes backward and forward linkages, while encouraging the growth of the tribals. As the nodal agency for the betterment of the tribals, TRIFED has been putting in place several start-ups to reduce their distress in this unprecedented time. He motivated the officials working on this purposeful initiative on ground so that this can be recreated throughout the country. He suggested that DMs and DFOs can play a very crucial role in tribal progress.

During the event, Smt Renuka Singh Saruta also lauded the joint efforts and the vision behind which such a constructive start-up could be feasible in the two adjacent states. She also stated that she is optimistic that this initiative will bring in many advantages to the tribal populations in both the states. She is expecting that projects like this will be expanded to other tribal states also.
Shri R.C. Meena abode upon many such useful splans and programmes of TRIFED for the upliftment of tribal people and hoped that this initiative will serve its purpose in these two neighboring states.
Previously, Shri Pravir Krishna, MD, TRIFED extended gratitude the teams of TRIFED, Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Ministry of Food Processing Industries and NSTFDC for their helping hands in this initiative. He also talked about how the TRIFOOD project in Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra is an attempt to contribute a extensive growth package for tribes by encouraging job-opportunities, incomes and entrepreneurship.
The ‘Mechanism for Marketing of Minor Forest Produce (MFP) through Minimum Support Price (MSP) & Development of Value Chain for MFP’ Scheme, in particular, has already come out as a signal of change in these uncommon times and has positively affected the tribal community like never before. The scheme, Implemented by TRIFED in collaboration with State Government Agencies in about 21 states of the country has introduced more than Rs 3000 crores directly in the tribal economy till now. Assisted by the Government push in May 2020 which increased the prices of Minor Forest Produce (MFPs) by up to 90% and the added 23 new items in the MFP list, this flagship scheme of the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, which draws its foundation from The Forest Rights Act of 2005, objects to grant lucrative and fair prices to tribal gatherers of forest products.
The Van Dhan Vikas Kendras / tribal start-ups, also a part of the same scheme, further accompanies MSP beautifully as it has appeared as a source of job-opportunities for tribal gatherers and forest dwellers and the home-bound tribal artisans. 1205 Tribal Enterprises laid across 18500 SHGs have been set up to supply employment chances to 18000 Self-help groups and 3.6 lakh tribal gatherers in 22 States.  The nub of the scheme is that it makes sure that the earnings from the sales of these value-added products go straightly to the tribals.
The TRIFOOD project focusses to connect both the components in its preffered merits. In collaboration with MoFPI, the units that will be established under the Scheme for Creation of Backward and Forward Linkages under the Pradhan Mantri KisanSampada Yojana, will obtain the raw material from the Van Dhan Kendras located in the state. The completely processed products will be sold across the country in Tribes India outlets, and franchisee stores. Furthermore, TRIFED plans to recognize and instruct tribal entrepreneurs who can also vend the products.
To transform the tribal lives & livelihoods and assure incomes, TRIFED is putting in efforts towards the successful execution of the TRIFOOD project and other upcoming schemes, with systems and processes being put in place to acquire the MFPs and their processing and value addition a continuous and perennial process.


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