McDonald’s India – North and East has included Masala Chai to its menu, one of the most preferred beverages in India. Made with natural tea and pervaded with traditional Indian fragranced spices such as fennel, black pepper along with a hint of cinnamon, clove, ginger, cardamom and nutmeg, the beverage is a true enchantment for avid tea lovers.

Customers can twin their favourite meal with a delectable cup of Masala Chai which is available in two sizes- Regular and Cutting costing Rs 49 and 29 respectively (excluding applicable taxes). Customers also have the option to choose the beverage with no sugar added (NSA). It is an all-day menu part at all its restaurants across North & East India.

Robert Hunghanfoo, head of CPRL (Connaught Plaza Restaurants Pvt. Ltd operates McDonald’s restaurants in North and East India) stated- “Serving to India’s fondness for tea, we are delighted to bring the new Masala Chai to our customers who favour to pair traditional and flavoursome beverages with their food. The product makes use of spices present in Indian kitchens. We are sure that Masala Chai with its special and unique taste from fine, traditional Indian spices would be acclaimed by our customers.”

With food safety and quality always being the priority, all its products go through absolute quality checks, from farm to table, so that the consumers can enjoy safe and delectable food every time they select the brand.

In addition, being devoted to quality and safety in the present scenario, the brand has launched the Global ‘Safety+’ programme which includes about 50-plus process alterations in the restaurant functions. Safety+ is a global system of improved hygiene and safety practices that assists to make sure that every part of the experience is harmless and safe for its consumers as well as workers. It builds on more than six decades of safety-first leadership in its restaurants.


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