TotalEnergies has introduced a new high-density polyethylene (HDPE) resin for tethered cap applications, marking its official entry into the commercial market. This innovative resin enables a reduction in material consumption, enhances recovery efforts, and contributes to advancements in recycling processes.

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Designed to meet the demands of food-contact applications, this recently launched product adheres to all the necessary standards set by the caps and closures market. It fully aligns with the European Directive (EU) 2019/904, which aims to minimize the environmental impact of plastic products.

Earlier, TotalEnergies is participating in the AMI Plastic Closure Innovations conference, taking place in Barcelona, Spain, from June 14-15, 2023. The company’s knowledgeable experts will be present at the event, ready to address any inquiries related to this notable advancement.

“TotalEnergies is fully committed to improving the environmental impact of its products. Applying eco-design principles in our development process allows us to push downgauging possibilities further, while maintaining high performance and enhancing recyclability, in line with our ambition to produce 30% circular polymers by 2030” said Olivier Greiner, Vice President, Polymers Europe & Orient at TotalEnergies.

TotalEnergies engages in the development, production, and marketing of various polymers, including polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, their recycled counterparts, and biopolymers. These polymers are designed to be integrated into the process of manufacturing plastics.

TotalEnergies’ polymers are lighter than many alternative materials, contributing to a reduced carbon footprint in various end-use applications by enhancing energy efficiency. TotalEnergies’ team of polymer experts in Europe, Asia, and the United States collaborates with professionals across the value chain, including plastic manufacturers, research centers, waste collection and sorting companies, and customers. Together, they aim to accelerate progress in the circular economy.

TotalEnergies is actively engaged in the development of diverse plastic recycling methods and the utilization of renewable raw materials. The company’s goal is to bring 30% of circular polymers into commercialization by the year 2030.


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