After the pandemic and the major lockdowns, the restaurant industry is still contemplating starting its business. The restaurant technology company Inresto by Dineout, conducted a survey to measure the sentiments of the restaurateurs with respect to owning the customer data.

Dineout targeted marketing solutions, and the role technology plays in the business revitalization.

Dineout conducted the survey in 8 major cities including Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad and others.

The user groups that participated in the survey included professionals in the restaurant industry, owners, general managers and consultants. The research resulted in a shared view of the industry highlighting the need to save aggregator commissions and retarget their customers in the most efficient way. The sample size collected was 2000 responses.

Co-founder and the CEO of Dineout, Ankit Mehrotra said, “Pandemic has taught us many lessons and one of the most important lessons is to be resilient and self-reliant. The dynamics to run a business have now changed and with effective solutions available in the market, restaurants can save huge overhead expenses. Restaurateurs can get direct orders and own their customer data with Inresto’s plug and play tech suite, and attract more customers with tailored and targeted communication.”

The report provides a look at the widespread adoption of technology by restaurants to manage their daily operations and to further minimise their dependency on aggregators. Online reservation systems, loyalty programs, and targeted marketing solutions provide restaurants with an opportunity to retain customers and provide a safe customer experience.

Nihal Harchandrai, VP finance and strategy and director, Theobroma Foods Private Limited, said, “There is no denying the fact that the restaurant industry has been hit badly in the gut. In order to survive and keep the business afloat, many resorted to aggregators for daily orders. Restaurants need to take charge of their direct orders and own the guest data in order to retarget them effectively. It’s all about providing a great experience to our guests and we are able to do so once we know who they are and what their preferences are. This has been made possible by owning our delivery and pickup platform through Inresto.”


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