A new technology-operated agri-products trading and sourcing e-market platform named ‘Agriota’ has been launched by the UAE aiming to bridge the gap between millions of rural Indian farmers and the food industry of Gulf nation.

The startup set up by the joint efforts of Dubai’s free-zone Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) and the govt. of Dubai’s authority on commodities trade and enterprise aspires to connect millions of Indian farmers directly with the entire food industry in the UAE, including food processing companies, merchants and wholesalers via the Agriota-E Marketplace.
As per the officials,- “The platform enables the farmers to detour mediators, enhancing the supply chain and making sure that traceability creates benefits for all stakeholders.”

The authorities also added- “Through last-mile verification and extension infrastructure in a blockchain environment, the e-marketplace also allows end-to-end traceability and lucidity.”

“In addition, the institution of a proprietary banking system with a multi-tier escrow structure will assure safe and reliable transactions of funds via the platform,” the officials informed.
The Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of DMCC, Ahmed Bin Sulayem announced that the marketplace will take this mutualism even further, providing benefits to millions of farmers across India on one hand and bestowing greater food security for the UAE on the other.

He further added- “The UAE has a comprehensive plan of action to ensure food security and champion agri-business trade facilitation, with the ultimate aim of putting our nation as world’s leading hub in innovation-driven food security. The launch of an innovative model like ‘Agriota’ will inch the UAE closer to the top of the Global Food Security Index.”

Aggregation like this has the ability to strengthen local communities, dispense better quality agricultural products and broaden the UAE’s long-term food security, as per the quotations of the officials.

To begin with, the platform will deliver cereals, spices, oil seeds, pulses, fruits, vegetables, and condiments.

Pavan Kapoor, Ambassador of India to the UAE also attended the launch ceremony which surfaced following the “Forge a New Path in COVID-19”, India-UAE Virtual Buyer Seller Meet which held on August 20.

With the Middle East being one of the largest markets, India exported agricultural and processed food products costing more than USD 38 billion in 2019.



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