Levista Coffee has joined as the Official Licensed Coffee Partners’ for Chennai Super Kings (CSK), one of the admired teams of IPL. To initiate this partnership, the brand has recently started a new campaign ‘Divided by taste, united by Levista’.

With this initiative, the company aims to grasp the strong fan base of CSK binding the emotions of being a passionate CSK/ cricket lover coupled with a cup of the aromatic and flavoursome coffee.

Created mainly for the Tamil Nadu market, the TV commercials (TVCs) will be telecasted across GECs, news channels as well as on the digital platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

The initiative goes live with a series of TVCs that exhibits an intrinsic message of bringing family and friends together over a cup of the coffee as they celebrate in the action packed passion to CSK matches. The TVCs exhibits the going beyond fan base of the team and the product in three fascinating scenarios.

The first TVC represents a new bride in the family who is incredibly delighted watching the game while her other family members remain “civil” however it is a cup of the coffee which gets the entire family to be unified and celebrate joyously.

The 2nd TVC showcase a group of people watching a CSK match when the house owner gets furious on them; the owner gets freshened as soon as he is offered a cup of Levista and joins in for the celebrations.

The next TVC depicts a working woman on a video call in the WFH mode who gets irritated when her partner expresses his excitement while watching a CSK match. After a cup of Levista, she too joins in the fun.

The company has also thought of numerous exciting consumer initiatives and games across digital and radio platforms to involve IPL viewers through contests, trivia, etc.

The brand has also released a special limited edition ‘Combo Pack’ in its instant coffee range and other collector’s worth package with limited edition Thala MS Dhoni and CSK team coffee mug and a Levista Coffee 100 gm coffee, a desired memento for both coffee and cricket lovers. Facebook and Instagram pages of the brand can be followed to remain updated on competitions, giveaways, and the latest happenings related to Dream 11 IPL 2020.

Commenting on the launch of the TVCs, S Shriram, VP of marketing and sales at Levista Coffee, told- “The video series are considered to remain incessant and perpetual, just as CSK’s legacy remains so. IPL is not just a sporting event but a total family entertainment while, CSK is a sensation which brings family and friends together while enjoying a cup of delicious Levista coffee.”


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