Timios, in its recent stride came with bang in the baby food market. This time Timios has launched a new segment named “Made to Order” a porridge to satiate the hunger needs of your kids and toddlers. On the top of it, this porridge concoction is just made ideal keeping in mind all the daily nutritional requirements and digestive demands of younger ones.

Porridge is an age old dish prepared by our Indian Grannies for their cute grandies with a tale including lessons. A ghee saute dish with hints of dry fruits and sugar that goes down easily and takes up the kids to yumm adventures.

A report by Research and Markets indicates that the global Baby & Infants food market is set to grow from $50Bn in 2017 to $69Bn during 2018-2023. Rising health concerns on overall development of a baby, growing number of malnutrition cases and the need for convenient and portable nutrition for babies are some of the reasons for the increasing demand for baby foods.

Looking at the growing demand of hygiene and stringency all round, company has already assured completely clean and salubrious environment for the each step involved before serving a bowl full of it. For that matter a clean room unit is also setup. A cleanroom unit is typically used in pharmaceutical and scientific research that require a controlled environment with limited exposure to contaminants. It is one among the first packaged food companies to introduce cleanroom processing for baby food. The cleanroom used for manufacturing the porridge range is designed to maintain an extremely clean environment that filters dust, airborne organisms and vaporised particles to provide the most hygienic food products. Each product is processed only upon receiving the customer’s order.

In addition to this, all the ingredients used are 100 per cent Organic, USDA and India Organic Certified.

Aswani Chaitanya, CEO and co-founder, Timios,said,“Over the last few years, we have noticed that new age parents look for convenience without having to compromise on quality and nutrition provided by traditional weaning foods. With increasing double income households, it’s difficult for parents to make traditional wholesome grain mixes at home. Since most of them don’t have the luxury of time to make it from scratch, they prefer to buy it from trustworthy and clean labels. Timios Porridge is designed with an objective to provide easy and convenient access to traditional baby food produced with utmost focus on quality and hygiene.”

He also added “We are in an era where technological advances have completely transformed the food sector in terms of logistics, order tracking and processing. It’s high time we move away from the age old style of distribution where food products get stacked on supermarket shelves for months together and then reach the end customer. Even in the case of baby food, parents have no choice but to choose food products that are manufactured months in advance. In some cases, it’s surprising to note that the baby food might be older than the baby. This was the genesis for the porridge range. We wanted to create products that are made on order, 100per cent organic and manufactured with the highest quality of standards,” added Chaitanya.

Hima Bindu, Nutritionist, co-Founder and head-product development, Timios, said,“For babies and infants, the freshness of the product is of utmost importance to ensure quality and nutritional value. Through this new category, Timios aims to provide the right nutritional foundation for infants and toddlers.”

The product is now shelved, both at Retails and E-commerce stock rooms, one can avail for Rs. 160 to 300 Rs. ranging age group 6 months to 12+ months.


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