ThermoFibre joins the PulPac eco-system as the next licensee to expand its offer with Dry Molded Fiber products. In connection with becoming a licensee, ThermoFibre ordered the PulPac Modula, a Dry Molded Fiber production line that will be installed in the company’s facility in Lincolnshire, UK, next year. Primary first applications will be high-volume products such as food trays, lids, cutlery and the like.

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Dry Molded Fiber, invented and owned by PulPac, is a fiber forming technology that can replace single-use plastic with sustainable, cost-efficient fiber-based alternatives. To accelerate the shift, PulPac has together with partners developed the PulPac Modula, a standardized machine platform, now rolling out to licensees, including ThermoFibre, establishing a new standard for sustainable fiber-based packaging.

Fuad Khan, Head of ThermoFibre, said, “At ThermoFibre, we are taking on the challenge each day to make a positive difference on the environment with the products we make. Providing sustainable packaging and products is relative in today’s climate and we are driven by assisting companies shifting to packaging that is better for our planet. Extending our offer with Dry Molded Fiber we aim to continue to lead the charge.”

UK-based ThermoFibre has a global reach and is advanced in the industry of sustainable packaging for consumer packaging and the food industry. They are a well-established packaging manufacturer with in-depth knowledge and expertise in molded pulp manufacturing and bringing fiber products to market.

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Sanna Fager, Chief Commercial Officer, PulPac commented, “Fuad and his team have unique expertise in molded fiber product development. They have profound design and engineering experience from “translating” a plastic product to a fiber dito, making them a perfect partner in establishing Dry Molded Fiber. We look forward to a long-term partnership where we can share know-how and expertise to leverage the full potential of dry molding within ThermoFibre’s operations and customer network.”


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