Well known and internationally renowned for its rich taste and fantastic flavours, celebrated house of coffee, Society’s Tea, whose brand ad campaign ‘The Tea society called India’ celebrates the unity of India and age old culture of parents sitting with children and sipping the tea.

Company has put lots of efforts in the ad, and has recruited lots of visual effects and apt photography that ultimately infuse an immense sense of togetherness.

Talking about the campaign, Karan Shah, director, Society Tea, said, “Society Tea has always been invested in the cause of charity. The Tea Society Called India campaign gave us an opportunity to go back to our roots. It is a unique campaign to unlock the human bond. These artistically shot images can be framed in households, offices or can be gifted to your loved ones, while at the same time, making a difference to the society. Through this campaign we are hopeful to reach out to underprivileged children, deprived women & living creatures, who will get to see a better day because of the support.”

To narrate the story of togetherness and firmness in relationship between people with desire to drink tea, company has made the technologies an asset for the campaign.

Company was founded in 1933, it has sales in area of Maharashtra, Goa, AP and constitute 10% marketshare. Society Tea is a retail tea brand of Hashmukh Rai & Co tea blenders which is the parent company, also based in Mumbai.



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