As far as the development of flexible retort packaging is concerned, it brings a lot of convenience to nowadays “Ready-To-Eat” meal, including other applications such as sauce, snack, agriculture goods as well as wet pet food. It can offer an alternative packaging to metal can or glass. Flexible Retort Pouch pack for moist or semi-moist foods are heat-treated in water immerse, water cascading or steam autoclave to achieve commercial sterilization for shelf stability. The maximum temperature in a retort cycle at the plateau is generally 121℃/125℃ with a hold time of 25-30 minutes, depending on the type of product and package. During the retort process, counter pressure must be applied during the whole retort cycle to avoid any deformation or leakage of the pack.

Conventional retort pouch specification is standardized as PET/AL/PA/CPP, made of complex multi-layer. It offers durable and light packaging to RTE. However, multi-layer composited material is not friendly to recycle. It requires specific chemical to separate each layer and go through the sorting stream and recycle. In general practice, the disposed retort packaging will be certified and shall pass through landfills, which is the linear life of plastic application. Logos Packaging, being the leading manufacturers of Retort Pouches from Hong Kong has addressed the trend of Circular Economy and climate strike to develop recyclable material that can replace the complex multi-layer material.

Recyclable Retort Pouches
Recyclable Retort Pouches

The Recyclable Retort Pouch (RRP) solution apparently replaces the aluminum typically used to achieve these properties, replacing it with a high-barrier film that keeps temperatures high and maintains short processing times during the retort process. Logos Packaging claims the MonoMaterial retort pouch is also fully recyclable as part of Logos Packaging’s goal of ensuring that all of its products are reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025, a key target of its FP2030 commitments.

Having experimented successfully in other MonoMaterial Packaging, Logos Packaging has spent over two years researching and testing the product to ensure that several application needs can be met. Sustainability is a top priority for Logos Packaging’s global business and we are committed to make this innovation available for all our customers. Our fully recyclable solution helps to lower the product’s environmental footprint and customers can be confident that their products will be completely protected throughout manufacturing and transportation that can help them meet their sustainability goals. The MonoMaterial Retort Pouch is made of composited Polypropylene with High-Barrier coated PP film and already has an accredited Recyclable Certificate from German Institute. The performance of MonoMaterial after the retort process is still at its promised condition, no delaminate, no deform and no burst.

Several successful inhouse retort trials, including with our customers as well have been conducted on these recyclable pouches.

Logos Packaging is keen to create sustainable food packaging and delivering circular-driven solutions that work for the customer, the end user and the environment.

The new MonoMaterial pouch represents a further commitment from Logos Packaging to deliver innovative packaging solutions that combine its sustainable initiatives with customer needs. Meanwhile, Logos Packaging has developed a wide range of Recyclable Solutions in other food packaging sectors such as Pet Food, Coffee Packaging and Daily House Chemical Products.

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