The Gingerbread House is back with the bash it is well known for. Even there are lots of of restrictions observed in the Mumbai since long but your festivities have known no bondages.

The Gingerbread house is again ready to serve the hospitality it is acclaimed. Your Christmas is going to be merrier with Gingerbread decorations.

The fun ride is for children of all age brackets where they will be able to showcase their extravagant talents and excellent performances. The show will be followed by the Brunch offered by the House itself. Hotel will be providing them with guidance and the decoration kits filled with glitter, candies, marshmallows, toffees, aprons and other trinkets.

Brunch will be served, which is a combo of delicacies like Mini Burgers, French Fries ,Smiles, Finger Sandwiches, Wraps, Cupcakes, Chocolate brownies, Oreo and Berry Milkshake, Strawberry Milkshake and much more.

Guest and parents can also relish other dishes served at other stops including JW Café with traditional classics such as Live stations serving Home-made Pasta, Choice of Sushi and Tempura and the Cold Seafood Bar and others.

The dessert spread will have Vanilla Kipferl, Plum Cake, Dundee Cake, Stollen and much more.

Hotel is also equipped to enable a contactless service, aiming that there are QR codes put on tables where guests can scan the menu and order directly to the server. Social distancing will be well practised by the server and guests will also be promoted to do so.

A huge and stringent series of protocols has made by the hotel itself to provide guests with safer experience. Under the protocol, from entering and till the dine-in experience at JW Marriott, Mumbai Sahar is minimalistically contactful.

Encourage the decorator in your child and let the little ones discover their culinary talent! Kids will enjoy an entertaining afternoon of activities while they use their creativity to decorate their own gingerbread house


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