Food processing is a series of unit operations to convert unprocessed food to foodstuffs with prolonged shelf life and enable storage that abolishes or reduces time and effort spent in culinary procedures for increased consumption. It is the process by which raw food materials are made suitable for consumption, cooking and storage. It modifies taste, aroma, texture and aesthetic properties, while maintaining the nutritional value of foods. Processing food can sometimes cause variations in eating quality, which they do purposefully.

Moreover, with the judicious implementation of industrial food preservation technologies, the availability of perishable foods can be increased. Without processing, it would not be possible to meet the needs of the modern urban population. Also, there will be a limit to the availability of a particular crop seasonally. With the rising demand for new processed products in India, the processed food industry is struggling to accomplish consumer expectations for making nutritious, enjoyable, convenient, safe, readily available and affordable supreme quality food items.

Danfoss ADAP-KOOL Case Controls Solution

To help address this growing concern, Danfoss provides energy-efficient solutions across a wide range of food processing industries, from dairy, meat and fishery products to farm produce such as fruits and vegetables and processed foods such as Juice, Ready to cook & ready to eat items. Danfoss is a significant contributor to the growth and advancement of the food processing industry and engineers safe and energy-efficient food processing solutions across all food categories. It provides solutions that help in sustaining the farm-to-fork process, ensuring freshness all along the way with cold chain machinery installations and automation systems that are reliable as well as cost and energy efficient.

Future-Ready Refrigeration Solutions

Food safety in the dairy, meat, fisheries and other food industries relies on an unbroken and efficient cold chain from field to fork. For the fishing and seafood processing industry especially, refrigeration is a key requirement for the entire process. Accurate and stable low-temperature control is crucial in pre-processing, pre-cooling, quick freezing, post-processing and refrigeration. Applying the new defrost systems, Heat recovery, Air purgers, Electronic control valves, Variable Frequency drives, ICF valve station etc., offered by Danfoss, several leading Indian fisheries improved productivity by a sizeable number. Shrimp processing demands maintaining consistent low temperatures right from the point of catch to the end of consumption to preserve the quality and improve the shrimp’s shelf life. On the other hand, keeping energy consumption to a minimum is equally essential for profitability of the business.

Danfoss Air Purgers

Danfoss, a global leader in cold chain technologies, ensures food security and reduces food losses across the fisheries industry with their reliable and future-facing refrigeration solutions. Most of the new refrigeration products and technologies come with an attractive payback of 1-2 years, thereby creating quite an interest with the investors. The customers are looking beyond the first cost on the investment, by demanding solutions with lowest operations and maintenance cost. By bringing in higher reliability in operations, centralized control over the entire plant and increasing safety demand in line with local regulations and global demand, we focus and deliver on the lowest total cost of ownership, thereby enabling the Indian Seafood customers to compete with the global peers.

HVAC Refrigeration Solutions for Food Retail

• Semi plug-in system

Semi plug-ins, also known as water loop systems have individual refrigeration units installed in each cabinet. The heat rejection in the semi plug-in system happens in a water-cooled condenser instead of a traditional air-cooled condenser. The water loop, the central part of the system, supplies each cabinet with chilled water removes heat from the system and rejects it through the roof’s dry cooler. These semi plug-in units coming as factory-made hermetic units build into the cabinets to ensure a low leak rate on the systems. Installation is simplified as the factory-charged semi plug-in units and only need electrical and water supply to function. Semi plug-in refrigeration solutions do away with the need for a machinery room by freeing up more area for sales.

Danfoss provides highly efficient components optimized for semi plug-in refrigeration systems. AK-CC 460 Controller semi plug-in appliance by Danfoss offers the lowest total cost of ownership, while simultaneously reducing supermarket refrigeration systems’ carbon footprint. Moreover, the factory-made hermetic units reduce leak potential while consuming minimal energy.

• Smart Store solution

Today, roughly one-third of the world’s food produced for human consumption gets lost or wasted. About one-fourth of this food loss occurs in the retail sector. Danfoss food processing solutions not only ensure the perfect conditions for food in temperature-controlled environments, but also help achieve near-zero downtime on store applications to improve food safety and reduce food loss.

The Smart Store solution from Danfoss triggers just-in-time maintenance by identifying potential failures. It enhances food safety and brings down the energy bill by integrated and intelligent control of refrigeration, HVAC, lighting and other applications, connecting and optimizing supermarkets from case to cloud. In addition, the system makes the most of big data in food retail, so that retailers can focus their energies on retailing while we optimize the store at all times.

As a market leader with more than 50,000 food retail installations worldwide, Danfoss leads the growth of integrated Smart Store control solutions. The Danfoss Smart Store solution and technology have been developed with more than 80 years in the HVAC industry and more than 30 years of close co-operation with the global community of food retailers through ADAP-KOOL® solutions. It is currently running in more than 5,000 stores worldwide and has proven energy savings of up to 50% per store.

CO₂ in Food Retail

With the implementation of refrigerant regulations, the quest for alternative solutions is accelerating further. CO₂ is now recognized as the most viable and efficient solution among natural refrigerants in retail food applications. As a result, it has become the most preferred refrigerant in retail food applications and Danfoss is leading the way toward its adoption.

Danfoss has pioneered CO₂ technologies for more than ten years and has gained valuable experience from thousands of installations worldwide. The many installations have proved that CO₂ can be applied in supermarkets, ensuring both environmentally friendly and energy-saving systems in all types of stores. Environment-friendly and sustainable CO2 is a natural substance that plays a vital role in many natural and industrial processes. With CO2 in food retail, supermarket systems can easily save leakages rates up to 20% of their refrigerant use.

Replacing HFCs with CO2 reduces refrigeration costs and accelerates a positive climate impact. In addition, it provides the lowest cost of ownership for end users because of its superior thermodynamics properties, which lead to high volumetric efficiency, low power consumption and refrigerant charge reduction. Today, CO2 is an exceptionally reliable and cost-effective refrigerant in all climates.

Food & Beverage Drive Solutions

Intelligent drives can use inputs from external sensors such as vibration sensors. This data is interrelated with internal variables, including operating speed or load. The drive performs condition monitoring of the equipment in service and provides early warnings in case degradation in performance is detected. On-premises control systems or the cloud solution gives the notification.

Danfoss Drives

Modern manufacturing systems need greater efficiency, higher flexibility and more reliability in their drive systems than ever before — all necessary to reduce manufacturing costs. To satisfy that need, Danfoss has developed a unified system and developed the VLT FlexConcept. This drive system uses motor technology coupled with the most advanced variable frequency drives. Danfoss VLT Drives with built-in intelligence can monitor the condition of motors and applications, allowing one to detect deviations in baseline parameters early, to pro-actively intervene before the variations have a negative impact on the operations. Danfoss VLT Midi Drive FC 280 is used in destemming a wine’s flavour and quality by optimizing management and controlling the destemming machine’s rotation speed.

There are environmental concerns related to food processing, such as the use of fossil fuels and the disposal of residual materials. High energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and food insecurity during disasters and pandemic outbreaks are issues concerning the existing integrated food processing technologies today. The biggest challenge for the food processing sector is the lack of proper infrastructure and logistics arrangements in India which poses a significant threat in the coming years, as there is uncertainty about meeting the growing population’s demand. Food wastage is also a crucial issue in perishable segments like fruits and vegetables. Food losses can become significant with improper handling during storage and transportation and unsuitable environmental conditions such as high humidity. The improper cold storage facilities, lack of a modern warehouse infrastructure and a vast number of intermediaries in India lead to a high nutrient loss in fruits and vegetables. The food processing sector can be essential in building the required infrastructure and introducing the best storage and handling practices.

Developing food processing technologies that are environmentally friendly and efficient can contribute to the food value chain and to mitigating the energy crisis. In addition, the increasing role of the food processing sector can help accelerate investment in storage and transport capabilities, lowering wastage levels, improving nutrient retention during storage and transportation and enhancing the shelf life of products.

A trusted partner with experience and know-how, Danfoss helps bring food to consumers worldwide by providing reliable, precise and efficient food processing solutions for the Food Industry.



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