Showing respect to an age-old India and its cultural roots, The Baker’s Dozen has unveiled an all-new festive collection, unifying traditional flavours like cardamom, rose, lemon, pistachio, and sesame to produce delectably exceptional, limited edition variants of cakes, cookies, bake@home kits, and gift hampers. Starting from Rs 170, these flavourful delicacies can be purchased from all online stores, TBD exclusive stores, and several format retailers.

Aditi Handa, chef and founder stated- “This year, betwixt all the mayhem and tensions, The Baker’s Dozen has planned to ‘Gift a Light’ and assist the 3rd generation Patan Patola Weavers. This highly prestigious weave is appreciated by experts as a traditional and age-old art that must be safeguarded and advocated. At TBD, we share their glorious love for connoisseurship. It was only fair, then, to devote our festive collection to their #HandmadeArt aka the Patan Patola weaves. In addition to some bewildering new festive flavours and products, we have included the Patola design in our packing to aid the families of these weavers. One can also use the designed side of the limited edition packaging as a cut-out to make their own bookmark as a souvenir of this impressive weave.”

Brought up in Ahmedabad, Handa has witnessed the similar ‘love for craftsmanship’ she shares for her bread and bakes, felt by Patan’s Salvi family, with whom she has partnered to release TBD’s special edition, festive ‘#HandmadeArt Collection’ this Diwali to advocate and encourage the art of Patan Patola weaves throughout the country.
Saavan Salvi, whose family’s passion to preserve the craft of Patola expands beyond 35 generations asserted- “Patola is a weaver’s art form in true sense, one that cannot be reproduced by any machine. Just as two handmade sourdoughs can’t appear identical, no two handcrafted patolas can be alike. Each side of the cloth is equally vibrant, with every thread carefully, thoroughly and individually dyed utilizing a tie-dye technique to make it double ikat. We praise this chance to nurture our art form and anticipate more and more person to come together to aid in conserving and boosting its status.”
The special edition includes the following products-
1. Festive Cookie Box (18pcs costing Rs 200): An assorted cookie gift box ideal for formal and informal greetings and goes with every budget. Each box contains 6 pieces each of Tahini Cookies, Lemon Cardamom Cookies and Chocolate Cranberry Oats.

2. TBD Festive Delight priced at Rs 799: Limited Edition Cakes, Cookies, and more. This option is all about togetherness and sharing. Each packet contains- two new cakes – Chocolate Cardamom and Rose Pistachio; one Festive Cookie Box with three new flavours of cookies.

3. Bake@ Home Hamper which costs Rs 999: A special approach to bring in this unusual Diwali, with bake@home kits. This product is going to be a great fun for kids! Each package to include: 2 Cake Mixes (Belgian Chocolate and Classic Vanilla), Caramel or chocolate sauce bottle; Chef hat; and an Apron.


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