Tex Year Group is a well-known manufacturer and brand of various adhesives and green materials with a head office and stock-listed in Taiwan. Recently, it established a new factory in Poland in a joint venture with Minima Technology, Taiwan’s largest compostable tableware and food packaging manufacturer. It will be the 9th factory of Tex Year’s worldwide deployment.

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The opening ceremony was held on May 15th with the attendance of many distinguished guests and speakers from the industry and government of Poland and from Taiwan area.

The new 18,600-square-foot facility, scheduled to be operational in the first half of 2023, produces biodegradable straws made from naturally biodegradable, plant-based polymers certified free of Biphenyl A, phthalates or other plasticizers.

Tex Year, a green material supplier, is the first material manufacturer to build a factory in Poland among the first wave of Taiwanese investment in Europe. The company set up its branch in Gniezno, Poland to provide timely service in the Europe zone market.

Tex Year fully uses bio-based and biodegradable materials to produce various hot melt adhesive products, and has obtained German DIN and American USDA certifications. It works together with manufacturers of food packaging, white goods, automotive assembly, woodworking, and mattress on the road to Net Zero Emissions.

Tex Year combines CSR mission with global R&D capabilities and upper/lower stream strategic partners to build a green material GPS (Green Platform Strategy) platform and conducts R&D of a series of sustainable products to our GPS (Green Platform Strategy) that conforms to Green, Bio, Circular, and Low Carbon features.

Tex Year integrates carbon emission reduction into daily life, establishing a “carbon footprint” monitoring system to contribute to “carbon neutrality”, and conducts greenhouse gas inventory and low-carbon emission reduction. In recent years, on the bio-economy platform, a variety of green and sustainable hot melt adhesives have been successfully developed and obtained the DIN CERTCO certification. On the circular economy platform, Tex Year innovatively developed a solution for clean recycling, labeling of beverage bottles, high-strength pocket spring mattress adhesive, etc, which has been put into product applications in related fields.


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