Tetra Pak displays its new UHT 2.0 heating portfolio and Tetra Pak E3/Speed Hyper packaging equipment on World Milk Day backing up this year’s theme of sustainability and Dairy’s commitment to innovation to cut down environmental footprint.

Tetra Pak’s new UHT 2.0 portfolio with OneStep technology and E3/Speed Hyper lower down water and steam consumption, generating less wastewater and thus also decreasing the cost of its removal for Dairy manufacturers. Adding a Water Filtering Station unit to E3/Speed Hyper aids to recover 5500 litres of water per filling machine running hour (up to 95%), while contributing to cut down water consumption. With water shortage rising at an alarming rate, wastewater is increasingly becoming a grave concern for the industry. Up to a fifth of the customers inhabit in high or extremely high-risk water areas and the company is prioritizing action to address this.

The merging of UHT 2.0 with OneStep technology and E3/Speed Hyper scores highly across industry specifications for sustainability, with a 0.8 GHG Index score, a 0.3 Water Index score and a Product Losses Index score of 0.7. When compared to a traditional line solution this optimal integrated solution cuts down GHG emissions by 20%, water utilization by 70% and product losses by 30%.

Alejandro Cabal, vice president Packaging Solutions, Tetra Pak stated- “As part of Tetra Pak’s wider ambition to reach net zero emissions across the value chain by 2050, we want to be part of the solution to limit climate change for the global dairy sector. To achieve this, accelerating the development of our low carbon circular packaging and equipment portfolio and working to help customers realise their emission reduction targets is a priority. A significant share of emissions comes from the operation of equipment at customer’s sites. Addressing this through innovation and collaboration is vital.”

Frederik Wellendorph, vice president Liquid Food, Tetra Pak commented- “We continuously innovate in both food processing and packaging to offer solutions which enable reduction in water consumption, carbon footprint and product losses. In addition to this, we offer environmental benchmarking and improvement services, helping customers achieve their own sustainability targets. Through this holistic approach to sustainability, we aim to help our customers benefit both from low-carbon equipment and packaging, a reduction in operational costs as well as an enhanced brand image – that is increasingly proving attractive to sustainability-savvy consumers.”

Up gradation to UHT 2.0 portfolio will improve automation possibilities and performance, with the offering representing the most robust in the nation. The new UHT 2.0 portfolio in combination with OneStep technology cuts processing steps out of the production line without impacting the end-product quality.

The E3/Speed Hyper typifies the future of portion package production. It is the world’s most rapid aseptic carton filling machine, creating up to 40,000 portion packs per hour, using eBeam sterilization technology to accomplish the task more efficaciously and faster than has earlier been possible. This alleviates the environmental impact and makes recycling of water simpler. It combines low-cost high-speed production with considerable environmental advantages. While its increased capacity can lessen manufacturers’ operational costs by up to 10%, it also represents a low carbon substitute to aseptic PET equipment – since electricity consumption and carbon footprint are both five times lesser than for aseptic PET lines.

The announcement comes after the company’s 2020 commitment to reach net zero emissions in its own operations by 2030 as well as to also realise a net zero emissions ambition across the value chain by 2050. The company has decided a step-change in investment levels in sustainable innovation, committing at least €100 million yearly over the coming 5-10 years. This will aid the company to realise its target of offering processing and packaging solutions with a nominal carbon footprint.


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