Telangana Govt. , in a bid to ameliorate the conditions of food processing business and plight they faced amid two successive waves of pandemic, has released two new policies namely Telangana State Food Processing Policy and Telangana logistics Policy

Telangana Govt. is stern in making the state thriving niche for food business operators by providing all of the infrastructure and corporate support.

Under these two policies,government has decided to set up a dry port (multimodal logistic park) in about 1,400 acres under Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode in the state. With the help of customs department, on the lines of integrated container depot (ICD) in Sanathnagar, two more ICDs would be set up in the state. Similarly, 10 integrated logistics parks would be developed like Bata Singaram logistic park developed by the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA).

The Telangana Govt, Cabinet headed by K Chandrashekhar Rao, believes in making the go-through process to set-up food processing units in state easy and accessible. Govt has decided to accrue incentives as well as subsidies at different levels of infusions, ranging from technologies and land layoffs.

The cabinet under KCR prospects the imperativeness of holding food processing businesses and logistics parks as there is substantial boom in agricultural harvest lately owing to new policies aiding farmers in irrigation and seed procurement.

 It has been decided to set up at least 10 food processing zones in about 500 to 1,000 acres each. The government wants to have food processing zones in about 10,000 acres by 2024-2025. The government is also planning to attract Rs 25,000 crore investments, which would create employment to 70,000 people directly and three lakh more people indirectly. For receiving applications for food processing zones, the period is from July 12 to 31.

“The government will acquire land and create infrastructure facilities in the food processing zones. Those eligible will be allotted land in the zones,” KCR said.


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