Tata Sampann has undertaken an expansion of its offerings of staple foods in the southern Indian market with the launch of a new product range of protein-rich vermicelli. The brand’s product range includes three distinct varieties: ‘Sorghum Millet Vermicelli,’ ‘Protein Rich Roasted Vermicelli and ‘Protein Rich (Seviyan) Vermicelli’. Protein Rich Roasted Vermicelli and Protein Rich (Seviyan) Vermicelli are made with 100% semolina (suji), which ensures a balance of protein and dietary fibre.

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Crafted without the addition of maida, Tata Sampann Vermicelli boasts of a protein content. If the Roasted Vermicelli offers a texture that is non-sticky and non-lumpy, the Seviyan variant is with a source of dietary fibre, while the Sorghum Millet Vermicelli is a blend of suji and jowar. These varieties transform into a meal in just a span of 10 minutes once roasted, providing convenience with nutrition. In addition to satiating the taste buds, Vermicelli also contributes to a well-rounded diet. It forms a cornerstone for an array of culinary innovations, making it the perfect choice for food enthusiasts who wish to savour flavours without compromising on their well-being.

Deepika Bhan, President, Packaged Foods (India), Tata Consumer Products, stated – “We are delighted to introduce the Tata Sampann Vermicelli range in the Southern part of India, in line with our dedication to providing both nourishing and delectable options. As health consciousness continues to rise, consumers are increasingly seeking nutrition without compromising on flavour.”

“Our range of Roasted, Unroasted and Millet vermicelli is strategically positioned to cater to these evolving preferences and tap into the market’s potential. Vermicelli’s versatility makes it a food option beyond breakfast making it a wholesome option for meals throughout the day. It is a quintessential ingredient in most Indian households which now comes in premium forms that elevate everyday meals. With Sampann, we continue to satiate local tastes while delivering a wholesome choice,” Bhan added.

The launch of Tata Sampann Vermicelli in the southern Indian market exemplifies the company’s commitment to providing quality products that consumers can trust. The 200 g roasted vermicelli pack is available at INR 30/- (MRP incl. of all taxes) and the unroasted variant of 200 g is available at a price of INR 22/- (MRP incl. of all taxes), while the Millet vermicelli is priced at INR 30/- (MRP incl. of all taxes) for 180g.


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